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    The Best Way To Detox is with Chris James. The Chris James 12 Day Detox Programme is no ordinary detox. It comes with dietary guidance, recipes, and superior supplements and cleansers which work to rejuvenate every living cell within the body. This detox will not get you beach body ready in 12 days but it ‘will’ put you on the road to a lifetime of good eating habits and a detoxified body.

    Detox Diets For Weight Loss can be beneficial although it’s worth remembering that clearing your body of toxins and any build up within the colon with a detox, will only get your body ready for a long term lifestyle change of eating right and treating your body as the temple it is. It won’t produce dramatic weight loss results although some may see more weight loss than others in these 12 days.

    This Chris James Cleanse may help you go down a dress size and lose your spare tyre! Past clients have reported loosing between 7 to 20 lbs during this detox. The Chris James Detox gives you an easy digestion with regular bowel movements (with a fully functional and healthy digestive system you can remain physically fit and mentally active for your entire life) and as we can all relate, a sluggish digestive transit can cause discomfort, pain and even make you bloated.

    So for many, this detox will be the most powerfully purifying endeavour of their life and a truly life changing experience – so much so, you will still feel the benefits long after from the detox is complete.

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