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Vacation or holiday food getting you down? make things right again with a cleanse/detox regimen! choose from a full line of products to support your individual needs.

Convenience foods have led us to a life of fatty foods, poor nutrition and obesity. One sure way to get your body back on track is to detox. By detoxifying your body you are committing to a lifestyle change that will benefit your body, mind and waistline. Detox Cleanse Tablets may also be a great place to start before undertaking a new diet or healthy lifestyle. This is because it will rid your body of all toxins before a healthy start – it’s quite cathartic!

Detox Supplements can also induce initial weight loss before the diet which is a great mental boost before the real work begins. Some have reported losing between 7-20lbs with a detox regime. This is why here at Vitamin Planet we have a range of supplements to help you get your body and health back on the right path.

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