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    Importance of Multivitamins in Everyday Life

    In today’s society, there are work pressures, family pressures, money stresses and more, all of which can take their toll upon your health. Fatigue, dry skin, premature ageing, sleeplessness are just some familiar symptoms. Diet can also sometimes take a back seat and our bodies end up lacking in essential nutrients. This is where multivitamins can play a major role in everyday life.

    They can be general multivitamins like A-Z or tailored to gender & age. Each stage of life requires more (or less) specific nutrients. For instance, supplements like Vitabiotics Wellman offers an advanced range of men's supplements, designed for the nutritional intake and lifestyle needs of men helping to support men's health. The range includes Vitabiotics Wellman, Wellman Plus, Wellman Max, Wellman 50 and Wellman 70 . There is even a range for health needs such as conception, skin and prostate, not to mention the sports range – it’s no wonder Vitabiotics is the UK’s no.1 vitamin company.

    And alongside those is Vitabiotics Wellwoman, a range of women's supplements, specially designed for the specific nutritional needs of modern women including vitamins B5, B12 and iron which contribute to normal energy release and immune system function. This range includes Vitabiotics Wellwoman, Wellwoman Plus, Wellwoman Max, Wellwoman 50 and Wellwoman 70 - so all bases are covered.

    Multivitamins are only there to ‘support’ health, not be the main source of essential dietary nutrients. A well-balanced healthy diet is always best, but for an added ‘safety net’ to your health, consider Vitabiotics.

    Ageing Gracefully with Vitabiotics

    Menopause is essentially the time whereby a woman ceases menstruation. Eggs are no longer released and thus the levels of hormones they used to produce (oestrogen and progesterone) are decreased. It can be a daunting concept to many women, and an even scarier realisation. The sudden decline in hormones can heavily impact the body. Mood swings, hot flushes (making sleep difficult), collagen formation decreases which affects skin, hair, nails and bones condition - bone health is particularly important for women during and after the menopause, as bone mass significantly declines.

    Fortunately if you have decided to help manage the symptoms naturally Vitabiotics Menopace has got you covered. Menopace is an advanced range of menopause supplements, designed by experts to provide effective nutritional support. They are specially designed to provide nutritional support during this time of change. The Vitabiotics Menopace range includes ingredients such as Soya Isoflavones, Sage, 5HTP, Red Clover, and much more to help the regulation of hormonal activity.

    It is essential for women to take care of themselves not only during menopause, but post-menopause as health risks related to the loss of oestrogen rise as the woman ages. Luckily Vitabiotics Menopace has a whole range tailored to the differing specific needs women have during this time of their lives.

    Joints are another particular problem when it comes to ageing. Bone density decreases due to diminishing nutrients in the body, and what can follow are brittle bones, arthritis, joint pain/stiffness and inflammation. The Vitabiotics Jointace range has been developed by nutritional experts to provide unique combinations of trace minerals, vitamins and nutrients, ideal for those in later life. Vitabiotics Jointace recognises cartilage and bone health are important for long term wellbeing and may well be the key to helping maintaining an active lifestyle in later life.
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