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    Universal Contour Wrap has been the UK’s market leading professional body wrap brand for nearly 25 years. Working with several thousand high street salons and spas throughout this time, we have become widely recognised as the wrap experts.

    We currently operate in nearly 1,000 salons across the UK and work with a further 800+ through our distribution network in Europe, North America and parts of Asia.

    Having been 100% focused on the professional sector, we are now expanding our brand offering to bring our range of home-care products along with our trusted brand name directly to the end consumer.

    Slimming Body Wrap - The most advanced slimming body wrap kit on the market. Our Professional Slimming Body Wrap kit utilises our unique Classic Clay solution alongside specialised wrapping techniques, to help your clients achieve positive results on their body including slimming, shaping, tightening and toning.

    Firming Body Lotion - Packed with active ingredients including PEPHA®-TIGHT, our Firming Body Lotion acts as a protective shield against oxidative stress, helps to stimulate the formation of Collagen I, which is an essential part of the skin’s connective tissue and provides a long-term firming benefit when applied regularly.

    CO2 Body Sculptor - The CO2 Body Sculptor combines our patented CO2 Carboxy Therapy Patch with our fast acting Body Sculpting Gel. These elements work together to effectively smooth and sculpt the body whilst attacking cellulite.

    Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil White Jasmine & Mint - Utilizing a unique blend of ingredients our Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil helps to burn fat, shape contours, reduce cellulite and improve elasticity and firmness. With its key active ingredient LipoutTM, tests have shown a 4.9cm reduction across the Thighs, Abdomen & Hips in just 2 months*.

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