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    Similac know how important nutrition is to a baby’s development. The Similac range is specially formulated to provide your baby with key ingredients to support their nutritional needs at every stage. Although breast milk is best for babies and is recommended for as long as possible, we are here to support you if you do choose to bottle-feed. Similac First Infant Milk is a breast milk substitute that can support your baby’s nutritional needs from birth to 6 months by providing Omega 3 & 6, GOS and Nucleotides.

    As your baby grows, Similac's Follow On and Growing Up milks are here to support all aspects of their development. Whether you want to supplement breast milk or move on from breastfeeding, Similac Follow On Milk provides the key nutrients to support your baby’s development from 6 months old.

    From 1 year of age, with weaning established, Similac Growing Up Milk provides the key nutrients to supplement your toddler’s healthy, balanced diet to support every stage of their development up to 3 years old. Similac’s Follow On and Growing Up Milks provide your baby with key nutrients they need at each life stage to support their immune system*, growth and development.

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