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    Shape Expert CLA 1000 mg is a clinically proven fat burner that supports fat loss and increases energy. It may also help to increase the lean muscle mass in the body at the same time that it helps to reduce stored body fat, thus giving you a double the benefit for your body. You'll be strengthened and feel much better. This CLA Supplement is best suited for individuals losing weight who follow a healthy diet.

    CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid and it is the active ingredient in Shape Expert CLA 1000 mg. capsules. It is recommended to take two capsules daily along with a meal, for better absorption and faster action. This CLA Supplement can also be an aid to reducing hardening arteries and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. CLA are actually fatty acids that attach to cell membranes where they assist in cell growth. Though CLA is such an important nutrient, it is not manufactured naturally in the body, thus, a good supplement must be taken to supply this need of the body.

    One of the main reasons for CLA's effectiveness in fat burning is that it is essential for moving fatty acids from adipocytes where fat is stored, to the muscle cells where they are burned for fuel, thus, reducing unwanted body fat. Shape Expert CLA 1000 mg has been very popular with sports people, both men and women, as it is a great aid in keeping them in shape for competitive sports. Our CLA supplement is all natural and free of any artificial colours or preservatives with no side effects. Obese people have found our product to be very effective in reducing their body fat mass, helping them to lose weight in a controlled and managed fashion.

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