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"How I came to found Green Gate is a journey that took me to five continents over the course of a decade or more."

During that time, I lived within countless cultures, studied with brilliant leaders and expanded my view of the world’s possibilities. Today, my path all makes sense, it’s crystalized, but while it was happening, even though I knew I was in the right place, I wasn’t sure where it would lead.

“Here” is as diverse as Southampton, England, where I was born, Toronto, Canada, where I was raised; war-torn Bosnia, where I served in the military; Nelson, British Columbia, where I discovered art and music, the Amazon rainforest where I learned from indigenous peoples; the coast of California, where I learned about business; to Bali, Indonesia where I studied under raw food masters; and finally, back to England, to found Green Gate London. My path was full-circle.

"During my years of discovery, I came to realize that life is energy, our bodies are energy and the food we eat is energy."

Food is my passion. Learning about it, preparing it, sharing it, food, I discovered, is the gift of love you give to yourself and to others. Over the course of my journeys, I experienced firsthand the power of clean food and the energy it provided me. Whether I was living in the lush canopy of the rainforest or in the towering mountains of the Canadian Kootenys, eating healthy became a way of life for me.

 Clean living wasn’t just another adventure. It became a matter of survival.

After years of clean living, returning to the hustle and bustle of London, the food, the city lifestyle began robbing me of myself. I had a health crash. My doctor called it depression, but after more tests, the diagnosis was a severe nutrient deficiency. My life had to change yet again. That’s why when I had the opportunity to journey to Bali and study under the direction of Sayuri Tanaka and Ben Richards, two of the world’s foremost authorities on raw food cuisine, I took it. Green Gate started with curing me.

 Bali expanded by knowledge in the healing arts, specifically how to nourish my body and open my heart through food. It was a rebirth.

 I also learned how to make sure the food tasted good. It didn’t take long for my body to transform back to health. I realized that this was not a cure just for me, but a beginning to a healthier life, a gift I could give to everyone.

 Discovery never ends. I continue my journey of seeking out the best teachers, the most compelling science and the cleanest ingredients. Even participating in clinical trials. I’m obsessive about it all. Because I know first-hand the power of healing, and the joy and love that comes through health.

 We can’t all take ten years to learn. We can’t all travel to five continents. We can’t all dedicate our lives to 100% raw foods, but we can eat smarter and nourish ourselves every day with the gifts of the earth through Green Gate. Aging gracefully with strength and health is possible. My wish is for your pathway to start here.

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