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    Bigen, a trusted hair dye name in 70 countries worldwide

    Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Colour is ideal for those looking for beautiful, long-lasting results with excellent grey coverage or to enhance natural hair colour. The unique powder formula is activated by water and deposits rich, natural-looking colour into even the most stubborn grey hair. With no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide required, this deposit only colour is the gentle choice for rich colour and optimum shine regardless of your natural hair colour, consistency, condition, length or style! Available in 11 desirable colours!

    And now introducing the latest in hair dyeing technology for men, the new Bigen Men’s Speedy Colour. Voted number 1 hair dyeing choice for men in Japan and China. With its easy application brush, just comb through air and in 5 minutes grey hair is transformed to your preferred, chosen colour. It’s the simpler way for men with busy lives to maintain their appearance.

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