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    BetterYou are an innovative natural health company specialising in the supplementation of the growing number of key nutrients lost through our dramatically changing diet and lifestyle. Their products stand alone in the market place by their unique levels of quality and effectiveness.

    Intelligent supplementation
    BetterYou specialises in the supplementation of those nutrients that have become underrepresented or simply omitted due to our modern diet and lifestyles.

    Today we understand that traditional tablet and capsule supplementation relies upon a digestive process that has evolved exclusively for food intake, and absorption cannot be universally guaranteed. Add to this, the dramatic increase in digestive malabsorption issues such as IBS, Crohn’s and coeliac disease and an effective alternative delivery mechanism has become essential.

    Each and every product is developed and formulated to overcome absorption challenges typically presented by traditional delivery methods.

    BetterYou provides a range of nutritional supplements developed in conjunction with the Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research Team at Cardiff University, led by Dr. Charles Heard.

    BetterYou products maximise nutrient delivery and subsequent uptake in the body, for greater benefit.

    Transdermal Magnesium
    Transdermal magnesium therapy was developed commercially by the biochemist Juan Rosello and asthma sufferer Andrew Thomas as a way to reduce reliance on steroid-based inhalers. They found that by applying magnesium chloride directly to the skin they were able to elevate cellular levels rapidly and effectively, without the need for traditional tablet supplementation.

    Intra-oral Sprays

    Intra-oral spray technology has been used medicinally for many years, but it was the absorption research with Dr. Charles Heard and his team at Cardiff University that harnessed it for nutritional supplementation. The result was a fast, effective and convenient delivery mechanism, now used by health professionals worldwide.

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