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    Beauty Elixir

    What is Beauty Elixir?

    What Does Beauty Elixir Do?

    Beauty Elixir is a fountain of youth that brings you the most effective and pure blend of natural active ingredients that are proven to make you look and feel young again. Turn back the effects of time by harnessing the power of nature.

    Beauty Elixir combats the signs of ageing from within to help you achieve a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Unlock the full healing potential of nature using the anti-ageing molecule Resveratrol, a natural phenol found in Japanese knotweed, which activates pathways to rewind the biological clock in cells. Combined with pure Peptan® Collagen, exclusive NutraFoodTM nutrient blend and OptiDerm® absorption technology, Beauty Elixir promotes youth and longevity.

    What Makes Beauty Elixir So Effective?

    • Beauty Elixir combines the most powerful natural anti-ageing compounds in an exclusive blend which has been designed to revive damaged, ageing skin
    • Essential vitamins including C, E, A, K and B vitamins help to contribute towards maintaining normal skin function and protect against oxidative damage
    • Specifically formulated to provide vital macro and micronutrients to promote internal health which creates long lasting improvements in external appearance
    • Advanced absorption technology greatly enhances the bioavailability of vitamins and active ingredients in order to maximise effectiveness

    The Beauty Elixir Guarantee

    The Beauty Elixir brand is recognised for its unparalleled quality and absolutely no compromise is made in sourcing superior grade ingredients that are 100% pure and natural. By using natural ingredients, Beauty Elixir works from the inside out to improve overall health and bring about a real improvement in the appearance of your skin and your physical wellbeing.

    Is it right for me?

    Should I take Beauty Elixir?

    Is it right for me?Beauty Elixir has been formulated using 100% natural to ensure that it is safe for consumption by all. Beauty Elixir is more than a cosmetic supplement; it works from the inside out to improve your overall health by giving your body the nutrients it needs. The powerful anti-ageing active ingredients work to rewind time, release energy and make you feel youthful again.

    • The team behind Beauty Elixir have an uncompromising attitude to obtaining the highest quality ingredients to use as part of the formulation
    • Delivers essential nutrients, helps unlock energy and work internally to improve skin structure and function to give you a youthful appearance
    • Our skilled team of experts have specifically formulated innovative absorption technology, OptiDermand NutraFood to enhance absorption

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can take Beauty Elixir?

    Beauty Elixir is 100% natural and completely safe for consumption by anyone who wants to do the very best for their skin. It works from the inside to improve internal health which then produces external results to help you look younger. Our unique combination of anti-ageing molecules accelerate the age-defying results of Beauty Elixir.

    How often should I take Beauty Elixir?

    Our experts recommend that you take at one capsule of Beauty Elixir at least two times a day. For increased efficacy and faster results, Beauty Elixir can be taken a maximum of three times a day.

    Is it safe?

    The ingredients used in Beauty Elixir are naturally sourced and are of the highest pharmaceutical grade. Additionally, Beauty Elixir is manufactured in the UK in strict adherence to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

    Has it been tested?

    Beauty Elixir has been formulated using ingredients that have been clinically tested with scientific papers backing their results. Our unique combination of proven ingredients makes Beauty Elixir a powerful anti-ageing formulation.

    How does it work?

    Who has designed Beauty Elixir?

    Is it right for me?Beauty Elixir has been specifically designed as a capsule for internal use because we believe that the secret to beauty is to combat the signs of ageing from the inside. Our advanced formula provides the most complete profile of macro and micro nutrients, which coupled with our unique subset of active ingredients makes you feel fresh and look radiant.

    We have utilised the most recent scintific knowledge and used trialled ingredients that have been shown to have a real biological effect. Resveratrol has been scientifically proven to have an anti-ageing effect & Peptan® Collagen along with hyaluronic acid helps to repair damaged skin and lift and firm your skin.

    What is in Beauty Elixir?

    • Our proprietary new absorption technology NutraFood and OptiDerm® maximises the bioavailability and therefore the efficacy of Beauty Elixir
    • OptiDerm® works powerfully alongside ultra-pure Peptan® Collagen and vitamin C to promote collagen formation to increase the elasticity, moisture level and smoothness of skin
    • Vitamin E helps to protects cells from oxidative stress caused by overexposure to UV rays that cause skin damage and premature ageing
    • Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin & vitamin D3 contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
    • Vitamin B6 and B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue by unlocking extra energy to make you feel reinvigorated and youthful.

    Evidence & Trials

    Beauty Elixir has been formulated using 100% natural ingredients and as a result the ingredients are biologically acitve. These powerful natural extracts are what deliver the age-defying results of Beauty Elixir. Harnessing the full potential of nature, the active ingredients work from the inside to reinvigorate, refresh and revitalise to release a youthful energy and restore a youthful appearance.

    The ingredients used in the Beauty Elixir formulation have been specifically chosen because of the hard scientific facts that back their mechanisms of action. Read below to find out more about how the trials and evidence that show exactly how the ingrdients in Beauty Elixir function.

    Anti-Ageing Properties of Resveratrol

    Resveratrol is a naturally occurring phenol derived from Japanese knotweed that has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory anti-cancer and life-prolonging effects. The incredible health benefits of resveratrol show this to truly be a miracle molecule.

    Remarkable new scientific evidence has only recently shown that resveratrol has an anti-ageing effect in mammals. Over time, cross-talk between components of the cell break down, leading to decreased energy production and ageing of the cell. Resveratrol has been shown to restore this cross-talk which effectively leads to a biologically younger cell.

    Resveratrol has been extensively investigated for its anti-ageing, life-prolonging effects. The graphs below present the results of a study in a model organism. The study shows that resveratrol supplementation extends the lifespan in males and females with equal efficacy. Furthermore, the results show that the higher the resveratrol dosage, the greater the effect it has on extending life expectancy.

    Perfectly Firm Skin with Peptan®

    Collagen is a key structural protein that makes your skin elastic, firm and supple. The ability to synthesise collagen decrease with age. The lower the collagen content of the skin, the more it sags, wrinkles and ages, which makes collagen supplements essential for healthy skin.

    Peptan Collagen a high purity, marine source easily absorbed source of collagen that has been scientifically proven to help rebuild collagen and promote a youthful appearance of skin.

    In a study of the effects of Peptan Collagen on skin health, it was found that over an eight week period there was a huge statistically significant increase in the moisture level of skin and a reduction in the number of micro-furrows in the skin where Peptan Collagen was taken daily.This shows this product produces a real, visible improvement in skin hydration, structure and appearance to reverse the signs of ageing.

    Advanced Absorption with NutraFood & OptiDerm®

    The Beauty Elixir formula is the most bioactive product of its kind which maximises the efficacy of the active ingredients. This is due to the exclusive and innovative absorption technology used to increase uptake up of the bioactive compounds to ensure none goes to waste.

    NutraFood is a proprietary blend of the most potent natural superfoods that provide micronutrients in the most raw, unprocessed form, just as nature intended. This natural form of vitamins helps to enhance absorption of supplementary vitamins and the active ingredients in Beauty Elixir. NutraFood contains wheatgrass and barley grass which have long been recognised for their superior nutrient content and health benefits. These grasses provide high concentrations of vitamins A, C and E. Additionally, NutraFood contains the superfood Spirulina which provides a rich source of protein, vitamin B complex and iron.

    The advanced active ingredient OptiDerm® has been specially formulated by our in-house scientists. The proteolytic action of OptiDerm® functions to break down specific protein linkages in the Peptan® Collagen to further enhance the rate at which it is absorbed into the system.

    Recommended by Experts

    In the Media

    The Celebrity Secret

    Beauty Elixir is the secret that celebrities have been hiding but now the exclusive product is out and you can discover the anti-aging potential of Beauty Elixir for yourself.

    Renown for superior quality, natural ingredients, high purity and above all, real results, Beauty Elixir has been tried, tested and loved by celebrities all over. With a growing presence in the media and uptake on the red carpet, its time you tried out Beauty Elixir to achieve the same youthful radiance as your favourite celebrities.

    The powerful bioactive ingredients in Beauty Elixir have been scientifically validated to have real anti-ageing effects. The potent anti-ageing molecule, Resveratrol has rocketed into the headlines:

    Resveratrol does provide anti-ageing benefits, study shows

    The health benefits of resveratrol have been widely acknowledged in the press. The article explains how resveratrol activates particular genes that increase energy production in a cell. This rejuvenates the cell, returning the body to a youthful state of functionality.

    Beauty Elixir combines this effective miracle molecule with a perfect combination of vitamins and macronutrients to produce one of the most powerful supplements on the market that aims to reverse the signs of ageing, inside and out.

    Case Studies

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