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All APRICOT products work with the first application and it's so simple and convenient that you can easily integrate them into your everyday life. Because wrinkles, scars or pimples should never stop you from feeling beautiful again.

Minimal ingredients - vegan & animal-free
Only more is more? Not with us! Active Ingredients only - we use exactly the super ingredients that make our products effective. We leave out everything else. Vegan, local and animal-free production is an absolute must for us. We take it a step further and not only produce locally, but also manufacture our ingredients locally. In doing so, we rely on renewable resources. Our goal: CO2 neutral by 2023!

Clinically proven & lovingly achieved results
Because beautiful and smart is the best combo, we conduct regular tests and studies. Clinically proven efficacy is a compliment that not only makes us shine, but more importantly, our products. We have our own way of attacking beauty issues. That's why all formulations are unique and some products are even patented.

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