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Opti-Tribulus is 100% pure and potent tribulus terrestris. It is formulated using the finest quality raw ingredients available on the market today. The high 95% saponin content (the active ingredient in tribulus terrestris) delivers 300mg of tribulus per capsule.

Opti-Tribulus Boosts Muscle Growth

Opti-Tribulus is derived from a plant native to the warm and tropical climates of southern Europe, Australia and south Asia. It has been used for centuries in ancient herbal remedies to improve male sexual performance, physical strength and recovery. Following modern day scientific research and clinical trials into the active ingredients in Tribulus, it has been shown that it enhances the levels of Leutenising Hormone (LH) in the body which is a precursor to testosterone. It therefore provides a natural testosterone boost for the body which empowers greater strength, performance and recovery.

The Opti-Tribulus Effect

Tribulus has been used in Sports Nutrition by athletes and proffessionals for its great natural effects. The benefit of using Opti-Tribulus is that since it is derived from natural sources, it works to boost your body's natural hormone levels and muscle building mechanisms. There have not been any reported harmful side effects that would normally be associated with the use of steriods which are employed for similar gains. You can be confident that Opti-Tribulus has been sourced and produced from only the highest quality sources of pharmaceutical grade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bob Gardner
Heavy lifting now

After hitting a plateau in my workout routines, I added Opti-Tribulus to my supplement stack on a trainer’s advice. The difference in my performance and energy levels has been noticeable.

Lorelei Cannon
Helped in hiking

I love hiking and camping, but sometimes the physical demands can be challenging. Opti-Tribulus has become an essential part of my outdoor gear. It helps maintain my stamina and supports recovery after long treks. It's nice to have a natural boost when you're enjoying the great outdoors.

Danny Ogley
Everyday struggles...

Living with chronic fatigue syndrome means every day can be a struggle. Opti-Tribulus has helped me manage my energy levels more effectively. While it's not a cure, it has certainly improved my daily functionality and endurance. It's a relief to find something that helps without significant side effects.

Lonnie Wheatly
During working hours

Working long hours at a desk had started to take its toll on my overall energy and mood. Opti-Tribulus was recommended by a colleague, and I've felt a significant difference since I started using it. My energy levels are more stable throughout the day, and I find myself more focused and productive. It's a straightforward, natural boost that really works for my busy lifestyle.

Linette Rose
Not Athlete but...

I'm not a professional athlete, but I love pushing myself in sports over the weekend. Opti-Tribulus has become a crucial part of my sports kit. It helps me sustain high energy levels and reduces recovery time after intense activities. I feel ready for another round of sports much quicker, which is great for making the most of my weekends.