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As we age, collagen levels in the body deplete and skin can lose its firmness and begin to sag. Everywoman Collagen 400mg contains 100% pure collagen which helps the skin keep its firmness and elasticity.

Everywoman Collagen Capsules Support ‘Beauty from Within’

Collagen is the supporting structure of skin. Without it, skin becomes loose and begins to sag forming those tell-tale visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face, décolletage and even the cleavage. As women age, collagen stores naturally deplete. It generally starts around 35 years of age, but can vary from person to person. Menopause results in a reduction in the body's production of collagen and elastic fibres due (to some extent) to the natural ageing process, but also to a depletion of oestrogen, which also plays a role in collagen synthesis. Getting older does not mean you have to look older, and ingesting a daily collagen capsule is a great way to do this.

Ingesting collagen in a capsule form has been shown to make the collagen peptides ‘more bioavailable’. This means they get to work faster compared to collagen drinks. There are different types of collagen supplements including animal sources and fish sources, but which are best? Studies have shown that collagen from mammals like cows and pigs has been found to be dangerous because it can pass on infections from animal to human. Fish collagen has shown no signs of this.

Fish collagen is a type 1 collagen - the type that exists most in the body and the type specifically found in skin. It has the ability to increase the body’s own natural collagen production, and is renowned for its ability to help maintain the strength & flexibility of skin, maintaining its youthful appearance.

Ingesting fish derived collagen helps improve skin smoothness and increase moisture retention. Moisture retention results in hydrated skin, and hydrated skin appears far more youthful & healthy compared to dull, dehydrated skin. Fish collagen also helps increase skin suppleness and helps prevent deep wrinkle formation. Many studies have determined this type of collagen is imperative in the fight against the visible signs of ageing.

Everywoman Collagen capsules contain fish collagen peptides. Although there are many benefits from animal collagen peptides, fish peptides are renowned for their absorption and bioavailability capabilities thanks to their smaller particle size compared to other animal collagens. For collagen capsules to benefit the body, their bioavailability is extremely imperative as it determines the capsules’ effectiveness.

As our capsules’ collagen peptides are small in size, they are absorbed more effectively and quickly through the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body. This results in improved collagen production in skin, joints and bones as well as many other parts of the body. As fish derived collagen is found in the skin and scales of fish (which most people don’t tend to eat), taking a daily supplement may be beneficial to help support skin’s youthfulness.

Features and Benefits – Why Take Everywoman Collagen 400mg

  • Improves skin smoothness
  • Increases skin moisture retention
  • Increases skin suppleness
  • Helps prevent wrinkle formation

Are Everywoman Collagen Capsules Right for Me?

As women age, the body struggles to support natural collagen production and as a result, collagen stores deplete. When these levels start to decrease, skin shows tell-tale signs of ageing such as developing fine lines and wrinkles. In order to help maintain your youthful appearance, Everywoman Collagen Capsules contains 100% fish collagen peptides, the type 1 collagen found in human skin. These peptides are more easily digested, absorbed and distributed throughout the body than animal based peptides and therefore produce anti-ageing results faster. If you are looking to maintain your youthful appearance, then a daily everywoman collagen capsule may be beneficial to you and your skin.

Collagen Skin Benefits in the Press

Health Article: Daily Mail: Want great skin? Dermatologists reveal which foods they swear by for a healthy glow - and those that never pass their lips

This article depicts how the foods we consume affect our skin’s health. High sugar diets result in skin ageing fatsre. Dr Stefanie Williams suggests foods to eat include fish as it induces collagen production in the skin.

Health Article: Daily Mail: Fishy alternative to a bandage: Fibres found in tilapia species boost skin growth at faster rate than normal dressings

The Tilapia Fish has been studied by scientists to help skin wound healing. Researchers found collagen-rich fibres from the tilapia fish boosted skin growth on wounds faster than normal dressings due to the collagen it contains - a protein usually associated with non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

Collagen is found in many animals and is known to promote healthy skin growth - which is why it is often used as a celebrity beauty treatment. But collagen from mammals like cows and pigs has been found to be dangerous because it can pass on infections from animal to human. However, tilapia collagen is 'benign'.

Health Article: Daily Mail: Fat is your friend': Salma Hayek, 48, reveals diet and beauty secrets saying she drinks bone broth to get her protein and collagen

Though she doesn’t take the capsules, she understands the importance of fish derived collagen - Salma Hayek reveals she boils ‘fish bone broth’ in order to get her collagen intake. If you are unwilling to go that far then, a supplement will be sufficient.

The Science behind Everywoman Collagen Capsules

Borumand et al conducted a study titled ‘Effects of a nutritional supplement containing collagen peptides on skin elasticity, hydration and wrinkles’ published in the Journal of Medical Nutrition & Nutraceuticals, 2015.

The aim of this study was to find out if an oral nutritional supplement containing collagen would have a positive effect on skin wrinkling, elasticity and hydration.

Scientists conducted a double-blind, randomised, placebo controlled clinical trial on healthy subjects to assess whether this supplement could improve skin properties of post-menopausal women, specifically depth of facial wrinkles, skin elasticity and hydration.

Results showed that the collagen supplement significantly reduced the depth of facial wrinkles and increased skin elasticity and hydration.

They concluded that the oral nutritional supplement consisting of collagen, leads to a significant improvement in wrinkle depth. It is also able to induce noticeable improvement in elasticity and hydration of the skin.

What Makes Everywoman Collagen Capsules 400mg Better than Other Collagen Supplements?

  • Made from only one ‘pure’ ingredient – nothing else but 100% pure encapsulated collagen
  • Higher strength than other leading high street outlets.

Recommended by our health experts

Recommended by our health experts Everywoman Collagen Capsules 400mg has been developed by clinical healthcare experts. The ingredients have been carefully formulated with research to ensure they deliver results. Everywoman Collagen Capsules 400mg is also recommended by nutritionists.

Directions: Take two capsules a day. Recommended for adults and children over the age of 12.
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Customer Reviews

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Everywoman Collagen 400mg 60 Capsules


My skin looks wonderful since I started taking these capsules. I will definitely keep taking and would recommend.


I love that Everywoman collagen is 100% pure collagen which is what my skin needs to be wrinkle-free.


I take these collagen capsules as well as using an anti-ageing cream to help keep my skin looking youthful.


Best capsules by far to help keep my skin young.