What is Metaburn?

A Potent Thermogenic Formulation

Metaburn® is the UK's newest and most powerful thermogenic blend that has been specifically designed to burn fat quickly and safely. Combining the most potent thermogenic bioactive agents naturally available, Metaburn has become a leading brand for weight loss supplements.

  • Quality

    Metaburn has an uncompromising attitude towards premium quality ingredients and only superior pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in Metaburn. By using only the best ingredients, we can be absolutely sure of the efficacy of the active ingredients to help you lose weight. Additionally, we produce Metaburn in small batches to ensure that our products spend as little time as possible on the shelf so that the natural ingredients remain as fresh as possible when they reach you.

  • Science

    Our team of experts have formulated Metaburn™ after conducting a broad and through research into published scientific literature to establish the most effect biologically active agents for use in our product. By specifically selecting ingredients that are backed by hard scientific evidence we can be sure that the product you pay for will have a proven biological effect. Metaburn™ has quickly become the leading producer of scientifically formulated weight loss nutrition.

  • Innovation

    In addition to superior quality and a scientifically validated formulation, Metaburn sets itself apart from other weight loss aids for its use of cutting edge technology. Innovation is intrinsic to the Metaburn brand and we aim to fully utilise the newest technology available to enhance the results of the active ingredients in Metaburn. NutraActive is our most recent creation; it is an innovative, proprietary blend of biologically active proteins and enzymes that facilitate absorption of Metaburn to maximise bioavailability of our thermogenic blend to ensure you gain the full benefit of every capsule.


By strictly adhering to these principles, we have created a potent, premium quality thermogenic blend that aids weight loss like no other product on the market. But Metaburn is much more than just a weight loss supplement. The Metaburn brand is about focusing on you and helping you to reach you weight loss goals. In addition to our unique thermogenic formulation, we provide you expert advice on exercise and nutrition to maximise the fat burning potential of Metaburn.

We believe in harnessing the power of natural ingredients and so Metaburn has been formulated using ingredients that occur naturally. Our product works with the natural processes of your body, not against it, to amplify your body's natural fat burning processes to help you lose weight

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Supportive Service Team

Quick and informative responses.

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Wide Selection Available

Easily found all health supplements.

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