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Exercise Tips

Mass-building reps and sets.
The key to building mass will be reaching no more or less than 8-12 repetitions with the muscle building exercises in your workout, and to repeat this for between three to five sets. Select a weight where you hit fatigue between the 8-12 reps and be sure to rest at least 1.5-2 minutes between sets.

Different muscles on different days
You're going to be working muscles hard so split the size building element of your workouts onto different days. Always ensure that you balance the work on both left and right sides of the body and on opposing muscle groups (e.g. chest and back muscles).

Muscle building nutrition
Use sports-specific nutritional supplements to aid muscle growth. Look for protein supplements containing whey isolates, a high quality protein easier for the body to digest and absorb, and a multivitamin to replenish the nutrients that encourage healthy tissue growth.

Take time to recover
Leave at least 48 hours between mass building exercises focusing on the same muscle groups to allow adequate time for recovery. Support and enhance your recovery time by using sports nutrition supplements containing creatine monohydrate, a protein essential for enhancing speedy muscle growth and recovery.

Get definition
Trim body fat, gain definition and improve muscular condition by adding 'final finishers' to the end of each and every workout. Finishers are 5-10 minute high rep, high-intensity workouts designed to hit all muscle groups with compound exercises and stimulate EPOC – a fat burning effect that lasts for hours post-exercise. Further support your exercise fat burn by adding a thermogenic sports nutrition supplement to your daily diet.

Essential movements
Ensure you include the following essential movements into every workout – either in the main size building element of your workout or within the final finisher: pushing exercises, such as a shoulder or bench press; pulling exercises, such as back rows or pull-ups; squatting exercises; and hinging exercises, such as a dumbbell or kettlebell swings.

Free Diet Plan

Metaburn® is so much more than just an powerful, innovative thermogenic formulation. It has been specifically designed by nutritional and exercise specialists in order to deliver maximum results by working alongside your natural physiological metabolic processes. By using premium quality natural ingredients, the fat burning potential of Metaburn is amplified by consuming the correct diet.

Our expert nutritionist, Paul Chamberlain, has helped design a seven day diet plan which combines Metaburn with a nutritious and balanced diet that guarantees results. Additionally, please see the Free Metaburn Diet Plan which combines provides a printable meal plan, exercise regime and expert tips to help you reach your goals.

The Free Metaburn Diet Plan has been designed to help you kick-start your weight loss plan. Our carefully designed plan combines a nutritious, balanced diet, regular exercise and the powerful fat burning thermogenic effect of Metaburn to help you achieve healthy weight loss.

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Support makes all the difference when you're trying to lose weight. You're off to the best possible start by choosing clinically proven Metaburn products – now give yourself the greatest chance of success.

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