Foods to Avoid for a Successful Detox

  • Dairy tends to slow down liver function, interfering with the body's natural detoxing process. To stop consuming dairy products without suffering, use soya or rice milks, soya yogurts, and cheeses which are all now widely available in stores.

  • Wheat could be making you feeling bloated, fatigued and even giving you food cravings. Breads, pasta and some breakfast cereals can easily be replaced with wheat-free alternatives such as rice cakes, rye and corn-based cereals and porridge oats.

  • Red Meat is hard to digest and contains high lComprehensive Bioactive formulationevels of saturated fat. Instead try low-fat organic chicken, fresh fish, tofu and eggs.

  • Remove cakes, biscuits and any other 'I know they are bad for me but I still eat them' snacks from your life and instead snack on fruits & vegetables and try adding some steamed vegetables to your meal choices to satisfy your hunger.

  • Avoid Butter, margarine, fried foods, mayonnaise and crisps due to their saturated fat content. Try a little olive oil or flaxseed oil to dress salads or cooked vegetables if you 'need' to.

  • Avoid all ready meals and packaged foods during your detox.

  • Wherever possible, choose 'organic' food products. This is key. They are the only fresh foods you can buy not tainted by pesticides or being agenetically modified – they are as clean and wholesome as food can get by today's standards.

  • Drink a minimum of 2 litres of room temperature water during each day, plus dandelion tea (which is a known diuretic so makes you urinate more thus helping the body eliminate toxins, more so), herbal teas, diluted fruit juices (20% juice: 80% filtered water), and cleansing apple cider vinegar in warm water if you feel like you need to live a flavoursome varied life.