Celebrities Who Detox

From Miranda Kerr's Green Supplement, to Jennifer Lawrence's Relaxing Way To Beat The Bloat, This Is How We'll Be Detoxing This January...

Detoxing your system can be tough. All of those juice cleanses, raw food diets and hard exercise regimes only make a grey January seem that much worse. So why not take the softer approach and detox your beauty routine instead? Discover brighter skin, healthier hair even a flatter tum with these effortless celebrity detox tips...

Miranda Kerr

To detox her health and beauty regime, Miranda Kerr's secret is a little greener than your average: 'To keep my skin in check I always eat lots of greens and take Chlorella supplements and drink plenty of water.

Ellie Goulding Boasts Her Glowing Complexion Is Down To The Week-Long Detox

"We all love a good detox, and as Ellie Goulding focuses on work in the studio with Diplo, the results have clearly had an incredible effect on her.

The star has posted a snap after a "make up and alcohol free week" this week, completely bare-faced and clearly proud of the results.

Pouting hard at the camera, Ellie even shows off some new freckles, having clearly made the most of a spot of sunshine - and she looks great."

Royal Juice: Kate Middleton's Diet Secret

Even the royal family understands the importance of a good detox, especially for weight loss.

"Health conscious Kate Middleton is a fan of juice diets, it has been revealed.

The Duchess of Cambridge began drinking natural fruit and vegetable juices before the royal wedding in 2011 to help her slim down for her big day.

She managed to dramatically drop over half a stone in four weeks, taking her dress size down to a small 6.

Kate is reportedly still a fan of juice diets but doesn't follow such a rigorous regime and now only drinks juices for two days a month."