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    Wakaya Perfection purity runs ocean-deep & volcano-high

    Wakaya is a pristine 2,200-acre private island nestled inthe Fiji archipelago. It’s a paradise in every sense of the word, with nutrient-rich soil created by thousands of yearsof natural erosion of volcanic rock, benefitting from hundreds of days of sunshine refreshed by pure island rain. And most important, it’s infused with the warmth of the Fijians who callthe island home.

    They go beyond organic. They’re working their way towards utopian.

    Long before the current farm-to-table trend gainedpopularity, Wakaya Island was perfecting organic farming. The geographic isolation, far from the tumultand pollution of the mainland, allows natives to maintain the purity of the island and ensure the continuation of Wakaya’s culture.

    They plant, till and harvest their own proprietary seeds exclusively by hand, and the tropical rains are Wakaya’s sole source of irrigation. They have never use dindustrial pollutants, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. No machinery touches their crops. Just the skilled hands of people whose families have been doing this for centuries.

    Their workers are as warm as their sunrises.

    The warmth and spirit of the Fijian people are the heart and soul behind Wakaya Perfection. Their connection to the land make them the purest of all Wakaya's many treasures. They are involved from start to finish, in the planting, harvesting, processing and the packaging of the products.

    Wakaya Perfection invites you to experience Wakaya through their healing products, to help you get back in touch with your purest self. Your island self.

    Wakaya’s Mission - To offer the world's purest and finest Collection of all-natural preventative healing products.

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