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Stress Relief & Sleep are closely related to each other. You will spend a good day if you slept well the night before. Also if you slept well, you will not feel stressed. You can get natural stress relief & sleep products for your quality sleep and getting relief from stress. Luckily here at Vitamin Planet we have a wide range of Supplements For Stress including Pumpkin Seeds Extract (also known as pepitas). These seeds contain the amino acid tryptophan which may help lower anxiety. Tryptophan makes serotonin (helps you feel happy). Depletion can cause less serotonin to be made in the body and can therefore lead to anxiety and depression. Sleep Supplements are generally herbal meaning they are all-natural so there is no risk of becoming addicted to them (unlike with prescribed sleep medication). They help you to drift off into a gentle sleep naturally so you wake up refreshed the following morning. At Vitamin Planet your health is the most important thing to us, so we know that Stress Tablets are not the onl

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