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    Pregnamax provides exceptional nutritional support for mum-to-be and baby, before, during and after pregnancy. Formulations include vitamin D, which has a role to play in the process of cell division and the exact levels of folic acid (400mcg) recommended by the UK Department of Health.

    Pregnamax can be taken prior to conception to help build up nutrient stores in women trying to conceive. It has been specially formulated by experts to help safeguard a mother's diet during pregnancy, providing a range of essential nutrients at carefully chosen safe levels. Optimal nutrition is important to help prepare a woman's body for the extra demands placed on it during pregnancy.

    Nutrients including folic acid and vitamin B12 are vital from conception. Folic Acid is important to help prevent neural tube defects in a developing foetus whilst vitamin B12 helps red blood cell formation and helps generate cellular energy.

    As nutrition is key throughout pregnancy, Pregnamax ensures it provides essential nutrients throughout pregnancy including folic acid which plays an important role during the full nine months and contributes to normal blood formation.

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