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The B vitamins are a group of essential nutrients that helps your body to produce energy and form new blood cells. The B vitamins help to nourish the body and cope with the stresses of daily living. Vitamin Planet has made it easy for you to take these B vitamins by combining them all in a convenient Vitamin B Complex tablet. This tablet provides you with 100% RDA requirements for daily intake of vitamin B in all of its constituent parts. This is simple to do and it is very economical, as you only need to take one tablet a day.

Vitamin B Complex tablets assist in the efficient bodily functions so necessary for good health, such as the formation of blood cells, the release of energy from food, and maintenance of cardiac and neurological processes. It also helps keep your nails and hair stronger, keeping you looking more attractive. If you suffer from sluggishness or tiredness, vitamin B complex can lift your energy levels and deliver you from fatigue, anxiety or st

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