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Acidophilus is a form of probiotic bacteria that is normally found in the gut and helps to promote a healthy digestive system. It also promotes good immune function, as it works as a guard against harmful bacteria that tries to build up in the gut. Generally, one or two probiotic tablets can be taken daily for good health. Because these tablets work well in helping the body to absorb more nutrients, you feel stronger, healthier and less bloated. Your energy levels should go up too.

Probiotic tablets can be very helpful for travellers who suffer from yeast infections or food poisoning and for people who are taking antibiotics. Acidophilus helps you to get back into good digestive order if you get a little out of sorts, helping to get rid of any bad bacteria. These tablets are more effective and faster acting than any kind of yogurt products or dairy products. Once they become part of your daily routine, you'll never want to do without them. Your eating habits may

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