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We work in collaboration with Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust to provide you with the ability to find out your Vitamin D levels in the comfort of your own home with a simple finger prick sample using the Vitamin D Home Test Kit.


The Vitamin D Home Test Kit determines the concentration of vitamin D in the body (if a vitamin D deficiency is suspected) and for monitoring the 25-hydroxy vitamin D. The report indicates the total level and D2 & D3 levels, together with a clear interpretation. The Vitamin D Test includes free evaluation in the diagnostic laboratory and a detailed results report.

The Vitamin D Home Test Kit makes it quick and easy todetermine your vitamin D level. The sample extraction kit allows you to send a few drops of blood taken from your finger prick sample to our specialist laboratory, where qualified experts carry out a professional analysis and individual evaluation. Based on the test results, we can determine your personal supplement plan with vitamin D and will organise a follow up with you to advise you on which vitamin D supplement would best suit your needs. Vitamin D supplements provide an effective remedy to vitamin D deficiency.

A lack of sunlight exposure can lead to low levels of vitamin D. Only about 20 minutes of sun exposure is necessary daily to obtainthe recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin D, but not everyone even achieves that.

Naturally dark skinned people need more UV exposure toproduce adequate levels of vitamin D as the pigment in their skin reduces UVpenetration, making them more vulnerable to deficiency. Other groups of people vulnerableto vitamin D deficiency include those over 60 years of age because by 60 thebody's ability to absorb minerals deteriorates buy 25% which can lead to aweaker bone structure and immune system; people who cover their skin for religious or cultural reasons; and the elderly or people who are housebound orin institutional care. These groups of people are more likely to suffer fromVitamin D Deficiency though it could happen to anyone, especially if the dietis lacking in vitamin D.

What Does Vitamin D do in the Body?

  • Aids calcium absorption and strengthens bone growth
  • Helps prevent fragile bones (Osteoporosis)
  • Decreases you chance of developing heart disease
  • Reduces bone softening in small children (rickets) and adults (osteomalacia)
  • Bones stop growing at the age of 20 so it's important toprovide the body with enough vitamin D to support new tissue formation.

How the Vitamin D Home Test Kit Works

  1. Using this test kit, extract a few drops of blood fromyour finger tip with a finger prick test which causes no pain.
  2. Send your sample to the laboratory in the enclosed return bag.
  3. After just a few days you will receive your results in a detailed results report.

We send the testing kit out for you to use at home. All you have to do is place four blood spots onto the collection card from a quick and painless nick of the finger. Full instructions are included in the pack you will receive.

Using the prepaid envelope the collection card is thensent to City Assays, who analyse the sample for Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust. From the spots of dried blood on your sample card the laboratory at City Assays uses a liquid chromatography mass spectrometry method to measurethe Vitamin D in your blood. They measure for Vitamin D2 and D3, reporting the total and D2 and D3 results.

The results are supplied within 10 working days of the lab receiving your sample.

The results are emailed directly to you. From this we can provide you with a bespoke supplementation plan to help increase or maintain your levels.

Contained within the pack is everything you need to take a blood spot sample from your finger tip. The pack includes full and clearinstructions with a postage-paid returns envelope (UK only) to post your results to the lab.


This is the style of the report that is emailed to you asa PDF file. It includes a traffic light system to help you interpret theresult. If you need to discuss the results with a professional advisor it isclear on the report that your sample has been analysed in an NHS laboratory.


Does your vitamin D test show ‘active’ or ‘storage’ vitamin D?

The blood spot kits measure 25-hydroxyvitamin D, whichreflects body vitamin D stores. This is generally accepted to be the mostuseful indicator of vitamin D status. The active form is 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D but this isonly measured in very few, rare clinical situations. It is also very unstableand difficult to measure so only a few labs in the country do actually measure it.

Is the test kit suitable for children?

Yes. The vitamin D test service suitable for all agesincluding young children and babies. The test kit requires a small pin prick to the side of the finger be able to collect blood spots for testing. Everything you require is enclosed in the pack

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Product Review(s) - 6 Reviews

I took this test, sent it off and got my results within a week. Results showed my levels were below insufficient. I emailed vitamin Planet to inform them of my results and asked what they recommended I should take to help improve my vitamin d levels. Thy recommended D-Max. I redid the test after about one month and my levels are now adequate. I will continue to take D-Max as it’s obviously helped me a lot.

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I had been suffering from really bad fatigue and bone pain for a few months. Blood test results from doctors showed nothing untoward. I read about vitamin deficiencies and vitamin D stood out to me so I thought I’d do this home test instead of wasting more time at the doctors. Was just easier to do it from home. Anyway the test was easy and results were back pretty quickly. Results were red on the traffic light system they use so that’s a deficiency. I called vitamin planet and spoke to a pharmacist who advised me on what vitamin D supplement to take. They recommended D-Max 20000 and I literally felt much better after just a few days of taking them.

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I’m 45 and worry about bone strength especially now I’m experiencing Perimenopause. I took the test to see how my vitamin D levels were now and will continue to use this test to monitor them. Results showed my levels were insufficient which was easily rectified with D-Max 1000. As menopause sets in more so, I will change the level of vitamin D supplementation accordingly to help prevent osteoporosis.

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I hate going to the doctors as it takes so long to get an appointment and then I get there and those who work there have less than desirable people skills, so the idea of this home test was extremely convenient to me. A year or so ago I found out that I had low vitamin D levels but I kind of ignored it and then forgot about it. But recently I started having what felt like bone pain and then I remembered the previous results so I thought I’d check my levels before self-prescribing. Results were clear cut. Traffic light results system makes it easy to see what levels you have. I was amber so not too bad – levels were insufficient but not deficient, so I contacted vitamin planet who directed me to which supplement would benefit me the greatest. They suggested D-MAX 5000 IU. Since taking I feel great again. Will definitely use this type of test again.

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This test was extremely simple to use. Make sure to follow instructions carefully. I did the pin prick, squeezed a few drops of blood onto the card, let it dry and put it in the envelope and posted it. I received my results promptly which were explained in a easy to follow traffic light system – if its red you levels are not great but green is adequate. I emailed vitamin Planet with my results and they advised me on which vitamin D supplement to take. D-Max 5000 was their advice and I’ve felt much better since taking this daily. Great service. Would highly recommend.

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I am a big advocate of home tests as it takes the hassle out of trying to get a doctor’s appt, going there, waiting in the waiting room for a longer duration than specified just for a 30 second blood test. So yes, this test was great for me. Straightforward to use, and results were back within a few days. With the traffic light system there is no way you can get confused by results. Fortunately my levels were adequate so no need for supplementation but nevertheless, I would use this test again to monitor my levels. It’s just easier and convenient.

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