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Slimming Body Wrap Plus MetaBurn Fat Burner

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This Slimming Body Wrap has a unique botanically based Clay Blend that gives an effective tightening, toning and firming results where applied to the skin. This deal also includes MetaBurn - UK’s number 1 fat burner. When combined with an effective diet, exercise routine, and with the body wrap process you are guaranteed superior weight loss.

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News in the Daily Mail reported that 'Posh Spice' allegedly used body wrap treatments to slim back down in just 5 weeks after her third pregnancy has contributed to a massive surge in sales of body wrap treatments everywhere!

What is the Contour Body Wrap?

This unique system of body wrapping uses bandages soaked in a sea clay solution to draw out toxins from the body resulting in inch and weight loss. The specialised solution actually repels the fluid so you know that what you lose really is just toxins.

The average accumulative inch loss over a course is around 20" -25" over the three wraps. It is quite normal for you to come down a complete dress size over three wraps without losing any weight.

After a course, monthly wraps are recommended to maintain your shape and inch loss. As the treatment is so detoxifying, you feel great too!

On full body wraps there is a guarantee of a 6-inch loss on first wraps. It is just the thing for a relaxing pampering session at home. These body wrap treatments help you shape your figure, detoxify your body, and remove cellulite easily. Measurable inch loss can be achieved after just one hour by wrapping thighs, hips, buttocks, middle, chest and / or arms with this easy to use body wrap.

While it is not unusual for customers to go down a complete dress size by using slimming wraps - you don't have to be overweight to use them. Anyone in need of losing a lot or a little weight, lose flabby or excess skin, or to 'tighten up' like VB


What the Body Wrap Kit Contains

  • 3x Professional Classic Clay Solution (220g) - Latest blend of concentrated ingredients to provide the ultimate slimming treatment.
  • Slimming Kit Mixing Container - Simply add Classic Clay, bandages and warm water to create an advanced slimming solution.
  • 4x Professional Body Wrap Bandage - Quality, re-usable and machine washable bandages that provide the correct tension for the most effective body wrap.
  • Measurement Card x3 - Helps with accurate measurements and calculating your results.
  • Tape Measure - Use before and after your treatment to calculate your results so you can keep a track of your inch loss.
  • Protective Body Cover - Cover your wrapped body parts during your treatment to retain moisture and warmth whilst protecting your furniture from the clay solution.

But wait there is more...

This deal also includes MetaBurn - UK's number 1 fat burner. MetaBurn is a multi-action award winning formula that combines some of the most powerful natural ingredients to form the most potent fat burner on the market! When combined with an effective diet, exercise routine, and with the body wrap process you are guaranteed superior weight loss.

Slimming Body Wrap Kit


Total Package is worth £120 but as a special offer you get all this for just £99!

How Body Wraps Work

A unique blend of mineral rich clay and specialist body wrapping techniques help cleanse your body whilst actively compressing the soft fatty tissues to create instant inch loss.

How Body Wraps Work

Once the warm clay-soaked bandages are applied you can lie back and relax for an hour while the treatment gets to work. You could also use this time to get more out of your trip to the salon and indulge in additional treatments like a facial or manicure. Your wrap is then removed and your therapist will amaze you with your before and after measurements.

This is not a water loss treatment. In fact, we recommend you drink water regularly after your treatment to enhance detoxification.

After you've been wrapped, the special clay solution remains in the pores of the skin and your inch loss can continue for three to four days. We recommend during this time to wash only with tepid water, although this is optional. After the wrap you should also drink plenty of water to help flush and rid your body of impurities. To experience the full benefits of the body wrap, a course of 3 to 5 treatments is recommended and these should be taken a minimum of 7-10 days apart.

How to use the Body Wrap Kit

Step 1 - Prepare your skin

In order to achieve maximum benefits, we recommend you exfoliate the area you wish to treat before applying the Classic Clay Solution. This removes dead skin cells and will allow effective penetration of the clay as well as stimulating circulation. We recommend using our Marine Body Scrub for optimum results.

Step 2 - Prepare the Class ic Clay Solution

  • Remove bandages from packaging and unroll.
  • Loosely re-roll so that the bandages will absorb the
  • Classic Clay Solution as much as possible.
  • Place bandages into mixing container.
  • Empty one bag of clay (220g) over the bandages in the mixing tub.
  • Fill the mixing tub with 1400ml of hot water. (This should be just enough to completely cover the bandages.)
  • Mix the clay solution thoroughly, ensuring there are no lumps.
  • Allow the solution to soak into the bandages whilst you perform Step 3.

Step 3 - Measure your chosen area

Measure your chosen treatment area, recording your measurements on one of the provided measurement cards. Using a ball point pen, mark a small line on your skin above and below the tape measure. This helps to measure again in the same position after the treatment. Be sure to measure using the same tension before and after.

Step 4 - apply the bandages

Make sure that the solution is a comfortable temperature to apply to the skin, then apply the bandages following the instructions of your chosen area (see opposite page). When wrapping, the entire area must be evenly covered with an equal pressure. Do not wrap the arm, knee or chest area too tightly. Secure each bandage by tucking the ends in as you finish each one. Once wrapped, cover yourself with supplied protective body cover to help keep warm and your furniture free of clay.

Step 5 - remove bandages and re-measure

After 60 minutes, remove the bandages and wipe yourself down with a dry towel. Do not shower or bathe at this point. It is important the clay has time to continue working in the skin after your treatment. Do not worry, the clay does not leave you feeling dirty, it will easily wipe off leaving your skin soft and smooth. Re-measure the area at the points you marked earlier to calculate your inch/cm loss.

Wrapping Specific Areas of the Body


Thighs – Above the knee to under buttocks. Bandages required 4, 2 for each leg

Start first bandage just below the front of the knee. Pass the bandage between the legs and wrap around the leg working up towards the buttocks. Do not wrap around the knee area too tightly. If there is excess bandage once you reach the top of the leg continue back down and then tuck in the end. Repeat this process starting the second bandage just above the knee and wrap a little tighter


Mid-Section – Abdomen, waist and rib cage. Bandages required 4

Start first bandage at the lower abdomen. Wrap around the body up towards the breasts, scooping and lifting as you go. Repeat with remaining bandages. As you finish each bandage secure by tucking in the end. The entire area should feel firm to the touch

Hips & Buttocks

Hips & Buttocks – Hips, buttocks and lower Abdomen. Bandages required 4

Start first bandage under the buttocks. Wrap around the buttocks working up towards the lower abdomen, lifting the buttocks as you go. Repeat with remaining bandages. As you finish each bandage secure by tucking in the end. The entire area should feel firm to the touch


Chest – Back, upper chest and bust. Bandages required 4

Start first bandage underneath the left breast. Wrap around body once, then bring bandage up diagonally across the left breast pulling firmly to lift. Drop bandage behind the right shoulder and pull down the back diagonally to the left side of the rib cage. Then tuck in the end. Then start the second bandage underneath the right breast and repeat the process on the opposite side. Repeat entire process for a second time. Do not wrap this area too tightly.


Arms – Entire arm. Bandages required 2, 1 for each leg

Start first bandage at the wrist and wrap around the arm to the armpit, if there is excess bandage once you have reached the top of the armpit, wrap back down to the elbow and tuck in at the end. Do not wrap this area too tightly.


Body Wraps Scientifically Proven & Recommended by Health Experts

University of WestminsterA study from University of Westminster proved the Contour Wrap achieves instant and sustained inch loss on 100% of all women tested on.


In 2008 we put our Classic treatment through its paces by Dr Adam Cunliffe of the Department of Human and Health Sciences at the University of Westminster, and his results attest that in 100% of cases an instant inch loss was achieved in just a single session. Dr Adam Cunliffe Even more significantly the scientists were able to confirm that this inch loss remained after 30 days, backing our claims that the Classic treatment does not create the inch loss through dehydration and water loss alone.

In independent tests carried out on females aged 28 – 55 years old, all achieved instant and measurable inch loss. When measured again one month later, the results were the same. Contour Wrap testers ranged in shape and size and the University concurred that the higher the BMI the more inches were lost, making this treatment ideal for those who have struggled to shed stubborn inches. Greatest losses were recorded in subjects with a BMI of above 30kg/m².

Dr Adam Cunliffe commented, "I must admit I was sceptical at first, I thought that this treatment simply didn't work, and even if it did, the inch loss wouldn't be maintained. I was completely amazed by our findings, this treatment really does reduce inches."

New Body Wrapping Technique Is All Over the Press

As quoted in the Daily Mail:

But it seems I was completely wrong. A new study by scientists at the University of Westminster has shown that one in particular, the Universal Contour Wrap, really does work.

Not only that, it works in 100 per cent of cases, and the results last for at least a month.

The idea behind this wrap is that the combination of detoxifying mineral-rich clay and specialist body-wrapping techniques will compress fatty tissue, leaving you tighter and more toned.

The clay solution is absorbed by the skin, drawing out toxins that are expelled through the pores.

Real life success stories

Rebecca - 24 yrs old - Treatments spanned over 6 weeks.

  • Lost 20+3/4"
  • Starting Weight... 11 stone 12 pounds
  • Starting Dress Size... 12/14
  • Inch Loss after 1st Treatment... 12+3/4 inches
  • Accumulative Inch Loss after 2nd Treatment... 17+1/2 inches
  • Accumulative Inch Loss after 3rd Treatment... 20+3/4 inches
  • Did she notice a difference after 1st Treatment?... "Yes"
  • Did she go down a complete dress size?... "No- Clothes a little looser though"
  • Did her skin feel softer?... "Very Soft"
  • Did her skin feel more toned?... "Noticed after 2nd wrap"
  • Did she get a good Inch Loss off her problem areas?... "Yes- legs and stomach"
  • Additional Comments... "Would definitely consider having one again in near future"
  • Would she recommend a Universal Contour Wrap?... "Yes"

The Body Wrap Video




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Product Review(s) - 6 Reviews

Im a beautician and we do them in our salon and I must say they do really work -you will find you loose it from random places like your wrist sometimes but overall the inch loss is good and your skin feels lush afterwards! Def worth a go even if it is just for the nice smooth skin.

5 of 7 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I had a course of 3 before my wedding ,I lost a total of 25 inch !!! but remember this is all over,head to toe !!! I did lose 3 inch off each knee which was great for me as they are a big problem.

13 of 15 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Id def recommend it if you fancy loosing a few inches and feeling good about yourself!

12 of 14 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

My skin felt instantly tighter and had a noticeably smoother appearance ( it especially improved the look of the orange peel) which gave me the confidence to get my legs out in the sun! My bum felt lifted and my trousers went on without quite so much wiggling. Now is an ideal time to have a course of treatments, too. Just in time for summer! Without a doubt I would recommend this treatment to others looking to tone up, lose a few inches or kickstart a weight loss regime. I’m officially very impressed!

4 of 7 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

The process is fairly simple and unlike many beauty treatments this one instantly feels more about results than relaxation.

8 of 11 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

So that guaranteed result of an 6 inch loss...toss that out the window. I lost at total of 9.6 inches all over my body with only ONE SESSION of the Universal Contour Wrap. My body feels most definitely tighter. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

11 of 15 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

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