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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Andrea Nunez
it works

So far so good ... I only used brainquick for 4 days, but these were 4 days when I really needed to be focused and at my very best. It worked... no brain fog, great focus and my mind was able to make connections faster then usual...I have experienced however a daily crash in the afternoon, but it kind of went away on its own. So after 4 days I am happy with this product, curious to see how it will work on the long run.

Laurel Skinner
benefits works

It is a good item and great to take. Nice packing and keep you on your work. Plus isupposed to have long term benefits . It got me though some difficult days. Good for anyone. Highly recommend to try

Penelope Rodriquez
it's working

I have been using this product only for six days but from day one, the exhausted feeling has gone and I haven't been thinking of food constantly. It definitely had a positive effect on my constant hunger which was a bonus. I started exercising and have not been feeling achy or tired. I am so happy that I found this product while I was looking for a supplement for a friend's ADHD symptoms. The very first day, I did feel a little heady but I am extremely sensitive to any chemicals generally so I did persevere and about the third day that feeling had gone. Also, I did have a little tummy upset on the first day but that could be to do with something else as it was a very warm day, it could be food related. I have no issues now, just enjoying life more and looking forward to the mornings now.

Sidney Walters
improves focus

Noticed definite increase in focus within 30-60 minutes. Helps with absorbing study materials.

Willard Joseph

hope it helps brain