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PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Facial Mask

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Each Perfectace Skin Hydrating Facial Mask has been expertly created with a 3-layer micro trans-fibre mask which effectively provides your skin with the most superior hydration ever from a face mask. As a result, skin appears more youthful, tighter, firmer and smoother. 

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Turn back time with PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Facial Masks. Containing an expert formulated anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle serum, each mask is guaranteed to reveal a more youthful looking you

Developed by skincare experts with a clinical knowledge of dermatology, PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Facial Masks are the first 3-layer micro trans-fibre face mask containing both anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle serum, woven intricately to hydrating perfection so that each use ensures the driest complexions are revitalised, signs of ageing appear reduced and skin is tighter, smoother and firmer. The overall result is visibly transformed younger looking skin.

  • Transforms dry skin to hydrated
  • Reduces signs of ageing
  • Skin feels tighter, smoother and firmer
  • Promotes youthful looking skin

The luxurious mask is a technically advanced 3-layer mask which fits perfectly on your face infusing moisture allowing your skin the maximum hydration possible. Containing an expert formulated anti-aging and anti-wrinkle serum, the mask instantly relieves tightness and softens feathery lines caused by dehydration. Skin feels refined, polished and strengthened.

Experience this powerful hydration mask in just one application. It contains a whole bottle of serum to correct find lines, pores and imperfections. It is so powerful that you will feel the difference in 15 minutes. When skin is in need for quick thirst-quenching, this mask can do the job for you and bring you the perfect moist skin.

Our Promise

  • Salon quality Intensive and relaxing facial treatment
  • Skin feels supple and bright
  • Double effect-hydration

This luxurious mask is an infusion of pure, nurturing moisture with profound powers of transformation, dryness is instantly diminished, signs of aging appear reduced, skin appears smoothed, softened, firmed. Ultra-soft to the touch, this cotton mask comforts and conditions on contact for a renewed radiance. Even the driest complexions are revitalised and skin is visibly transformed.


How to Use a Facial Mask

1. Prepare
For optimum results, thoroughly deep cleanse and dry your face. Remove the face application mask from the sachet and carefully unfold.

2. Apply
Gently place the mask over your entire face, using your fingertips to smooth and fit closely in place. Relax for 15 minutes (or longer).

3. Remove
Remove mask and discard. Any extra serum can be wiped off with a tissue or gently pressed into the skin.


Science Behind Youthful Looking Skin

Each PERFECTACE 3-layer micro trans-fibre face mask contains hyaluronic Acid (HA) which is component that actually occurs naturally in the body. It’s known to lock-in skin’s moisture. In fact, youthful skin is naturally abundant with HA.


As a natural glycosaminoglycan, which is an extremely important part of connective tissue, HA is dispersed widely throughout connective and skin tissue. It is also of the main components of the tissue that provides structural support to cells. Basically, hyaluronic acid supports numerous areas of the body, especially joints & skin.

It is believed that a person has approximately 15g of hyaluronic acid in the body, one-third of which is used up by the body every day. So when you think about it, the continual use of such an amount on a daily basis could seriously affect one’s youthful appearance. Thus, topically applying more to the form of PERFECTACE face masks could seriously help nourish skin to help improve visible signs of ageing.



PERFECTACE offers highly effective skin care products designed to suit every skin type. It helps prolong the youthful appearance of even the most delicate skin. PERFECTACE confronts the problem of premature aging, environment hazards and stress of contemporary life and is committed to excellence, luxury and the science of skincare.


PERFECTACE Celebrity Following:

Hyaluronic Acid has rocketed into the headlines for its superior quality and effectiveness as an anti-ageing product. It has gained a select celebrity following and our exclusive product is now available for you to try and test the anti-ageing effects of PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Face Masks.

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PERFECTACE in the Press

Hyaluronic Acid has rocketed into the headlines and has been recognised for the rejuvenation effects it has on skin and it has quickly become a favourite amongst the headline breakers.

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PERFECTACE Recommended by Experts

Rachel has been trialling the PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Face Masks from Vitamin Planet. See what she thinks...

Last week, I saw a friend of mine who asked whether I had changed my make up or done anything differently. She thought my skin was looking really good. In fact it was not a change in make-up that had made the difference. A month earlier, I had started to use PERFECTACE Skin Hydrating Face Masks.

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Importance of Hyaluronic Acid to Skin

With age, skin moisture levels decrease, especially as HA levels are decreasing, resulting in a loss of skin elasticity as well as revealing visible signs of ageing skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health as it has a unique ability to lock in moisture (approximately 1000ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid).

Based on the research of Sato T et al: Clinical Effects of dietary hyaluronic acid on dry, rough skin. J. Aesthetic Dermatology Vol. 12 109-120, 2002, and Kajimoto O et al: Clinical Effects of Hyaluronic acid diet for dry skin. J. New Rem & Clin: 90-102, 2001, Hyaluronic Acid supplementation can be directly correlated to increases in skin moisture. Microscopic skin surface analysis showed an increase in skin smoothness, and amelioration of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid plays a huge part in the body's making of collagen which is why it is the main ingredient in PERFECTACE face masks. Collagen is vital to the skin as it supports skin structure. Once our body's collagen levels starts to decline, we can see an increase in the appearance of wrinkles and skin discoloration. Boosting collagen levels helps keep skin supple. Hyaluronic acid helps boost collagen production, as well as helping retain skin moisture thus helping support its anti-ageing benefits to the skin. Skin with increased levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid have been shown to be suppler as well as resistant to fine lines and wrinkles.


Success Stories

Amy Reid
I read somewhere that in their late 20's - early 30's a woman enters a 'pre-ageing', which as ridiculous as it sounded to me, I decided (at age 32) to try these PERFECTACE face masks. Once on, the face mask made me look pretty weird but, the results were actually visible. My face did in fact look somewhat healthier, less discoloured and with a nice-looking glow about it. I generally looked 'healthier'. I will continue use to see how results improve.

Leila Rose
At 37 I worry about wrinkles. With a few fine lines starting to appear I felt it time to give in and try something. I'm so glad I tried PERFECTACE face masks. I have no other anti-aging product to compare it to, but it seems to have had a visible effect that has led to me gaining numerous compliments at work about how good my skin looks! So I don't think I need to try anything else. Whatever it's doing its working!

Melia Mase
I have tried so many anti-ageing products, and every time I find one that suits me, the formulation changes or it's discontinued. So I have to keep finding something new. Luckily a friend recommended PERFECTACE face masks to me and so far so good. My face seems to have a natural, healthy glow which has led to people commenting on my appearance. It makes me feel confident I still look good when I leave the house, even without make-up on. And the fine lines people could see, are no longer so easy to see. I like not having to use numerous creams also…these masks make the process of 'hiding my age' so much easier.


Perfectace Face Mask FAQ's

What is a hydrating facial mask?
A facial mask (also known as a sheet or paper mask) is a soft piece of cloth material cut in the shape of a face, soaked in serum. Cloth treatment masks have high absorptive powers and excellent expandability because the diameter of the fibre is less than the size of the pores in your skin. This allows the serum to absorb deeply into the skin quickly.

How often can I use a Perfectace Face mask?
For the best results, we recommend using weekly as part of your regular skincare regime.

Why is it so important to use Perfectace Face mask?
Dehydration is the main cause of premature aging and the appearance of spots and wrinkles. The key to resisting signs of premature aging and keeping a healthy look is having a strong moisture barrier. Without it, skin starts to look dry and dull. Therefore, a quick and easy facial treatment for your skin is the best solution for dehydration.

When should I not use a mask?
If you have serious sunburn, open sores, acne, peeling or sensitive skin, please refrain from using masks. For such skin issues, it’s best to see your doctor or dermatologist.

Do I need to wash my face after using the mask?
You can if you wish. During the 15 minute period you have the mask on, your skin has already absorbed the active ingredients. Masks should only be used once and then discarded. Any extra serum can be wiped off with a tissue or gently pressed into the skin..

How should I store my Perfectace Face Mask masks?
Avoid direct sun light and store in a cool temperate area. There is a 1 year shelf time for all Facial Fresh products. Plenty of time to enjoy!

Can men use Perfectace Face Mask facial masks too?
Absolutely. Best applied to a clean shaven face. We are currently working on a full range of tailor-made masks for men to address specific shaving and skin aging concerns, and hope to launch them soon.

Water, Algae Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerine, Cucumis Sativus, (Cucumber Extract), Aloe Vera Extract, Hydrolysed Silk, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Saccharideisomerate, Codium Tomentosum Extract, Algae Extract Pullulan, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Hyaluronic Acid (Oligo-HA), Fragrance, Ghlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Carefully take out and unfold the micro trans-fibre mask. Peel off the white layer first and gently place evenly on the cleansed face. Even out to cover the entire face. Peel the blue top layer off. The micro trans-fibre will fit perfectly on your face. Use the mask 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes at a time. For improved results, massage the entire face after removing the mask.


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Product Review(s) - 12 Reviews

These masks are truly splendid, leave your skin feeling fresh and more hydrated. I can see the improvement and friends say Im looking years younger! Delivery was quick and the pack contains 5 individual masks. So can use even when travelling, feels like having a facial each time I use one. I will be a regular user of these and will recommend the Perfectace masks to friends. I give these 10 out of 10, just brilliant!

20 of 28 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

My face felt tighter and sort of rejuvenated after the first mask! Was so delighted with how I felt, I went shopping without make-up!! What a difference confidence in your skin can make. Love these Perfectace Face Masks. Results and comments just keep getting better and better!

17 of 27 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Have now used 3 out of the 5 in the box. I must say these Perfectace Face Masks are really quite good. My face feels tighter, smoother to touch, just much more youthful feeling AND looking (so some have told me, and I choose to believe them). People at work ask me what’s different about me? I say nothing, I just feel happier in my skin.

21 of 31 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

First use of Perfectace Face Masks did frighten me somewhat when I looked at myself in the mirror ha! But you get used to it, and honestly, it’s the best face mask I’ve ever used. My skin is so hydrated! Usually my face is dry and no amount of moisturiser will help, but these really help keep my skin feeling hydrated, suppler and smooth to touch, not to mention tighter. Very happy

10 of 19 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Looking for a new anti-ageing product and came across these Perfectace Face Masks. I must say I was genuinely surprised they worked as well as they did. Very happy with how my skin looks – radiant, tighter firm to touch. Love them!

17 of 28 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Been using Perfectace Face Masks for a few months now. They are easily the best face masks I have ever used. Not only do they make my skin feel tighter and look younger but they have really helped me feel more confident about my skin. I wear less make-up than I have in 10 years! Its liberating and a truly awesome feeling to be able to feel so good about my appearance.

8 of 15 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I started seeing fine lines appearing on my face. Immediately I started looking for an anti-ageing product that would work (after all, who has the money to keep trialling products)? After looking at the ingredients in Perfectace Face Masks I was both impressed and intrigued. Thought I would give them a go. Turns out, I was right to try them! They have made a huge difference to the appearance of those ‘fine’ ‘lines’, and my skin actually does look smoother & firmer to touch

9 of 16 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Couldn’t ask for a more effective product to help hydrate my skin leaving it looking more radiant and firmer. Perfectace Face Masks have actually helped me love looking at my face in the mirror. Easy to use, no faffing about with creams – they are simple and results are almost instant!

13 of 21 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I would definitely recommend this mask. I’ve been using it for years now and I love the results. I’ve used other masks but this one does the best job for me. My skin is so smooth and tight. It also reduces the blackhead. Very good product.

1 of 1 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

very good mask,Ialso boughtfor my mom!

0 of 0 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

Really love the facial mask. It’s easy to be absorbed by skin. Usually I rub the extra essence into my skin, which is a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

0 of 0 people found this review Helpful. Did you? Yes | No

I got a pack of this mask from my friend, and i really like this product. It works great on my face, the skin is moistured smoothly after use, so I bought more when it's on offer.

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