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Struggling to lose weight?

MetaDiet is a leading weight loss range that effectively helps you focus on achieving your weight loss goals. The range consists of Metaburn Fat Burning Capsules, Metashake Weight Loss Shake and MetaCleanse Detox Supplement.

MetaBurn Fat Burning Capsules contain an advanced multi action formula that provides thermogenic fat loss (calorie burning), enhanced metabolism and improved energy levels. It has been described as the ultimate fat burner.

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Metacleanse is a 3-day intensive detox followed by a month of maintenance to keep the detox effects alive for longer. Metacleanse detox prepares the body for a new healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and weight loss so take this as part of the MetaDiet programme for enhanced results.

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Metashake is a deliciously rich-tasting chocolate drink that is the ideal accompaniment to MetaBurn. MetaShake takes out all the hassle of calorie counting and portion size. You have absolutely nothing to think about when it comes to adding Metashake into your diet as you know it contains less than 200 calories & 14g of protein per serving as well as all the nutrients required by the body that you would normally get from a meal.

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Combined, they make up the MetaDiet weight loss program which has been designed by qualified UK healthcare professionals to help make your weight loss journey easy, healthy and fit around your lifestyle.