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    What is Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse?

    • All-natural effective colon cleanser
    • Helps improve immune system function
    • Helps improve overall health
    • Meal replacement shakes
    • Helps aid weight loss
    • Promotes a healthier relationship with food

    Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse is the UK’s most effective colon cleanser, clinically tested and proven to work. Conventional colon cleansers such as colonic hydrotherapy only clean the large intestine and cannot eliminate biofilm, so as a result, your intestines are not as cleansed as you may think and health may remain hindered. In comparison, Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse cleans both the large & small intestine and helps eliminate biofilm effectively, promoting a healthier intestinal tract. It is safe to use, with no known side effects which is why Colon Cleanse is fast becoming the nation’s favourite colon cleanser.

    Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse Shakes are the most comprehensive & effective colon cleansing formulation on the market to date compared to ‘all’ other colon cleansing products and methods currently available. They completely eliminate any toxins build-up throughout the entire intestinal tract not just the large intestine (as is the case with colonic hydrotherapy) without disturbing the healthy bacteria or healthy mucous layers. This helps improve immune function whilst promoting overall health. And with these shakes you can effectively lose weight as each shake is a meal replacement shake containing all the essential nutrients the body requires throughout the day, promoting a constant feeling of satiety, so no need to snack and no need to prepare meals! This colon cleanse is simple yet extremely effective.

    colon detoxThis colon cleansing program either lasts 3, 6, or 12 days… It’s up to you. One box lasts a day. Each box contains 7 sachets for 7 shakes. The sachets are mixed with water so you have a shake which is easy to consume. You only drink the shakes in the program. (That’s right, these colon cleanse shakes are also meal replacement shakes). The shakes are taken throughout the day. This makes life simple, as you don’t have to prepare any other food. The shakes are formulated to contain all the necessary nutrients and give you a feeling satiety so you won’t feel hungry.

    About Biofilm

    What is the difference between a healthy mucous layer and biofilm?

    The human intestinal tract is coated on the inside with a healthy mucous layer. This mucous layer protects epithelial cells (thin tissues that cover all the exposed surfaces of the body) which are present in the colon wall. These cells could become irritated by food if left unprotected. This mucous layer protecting the cells is known as the Glycocalyx. Both bad and good bacteria form a mucous layer.

    Bad bacteria however forms a layer that eventually becomes the biofilm. These bad bacteria have to attach themselves to the colon wall to protect themselves against the attacks of good bacteria and digestive juices. The biofilm consists of bad bacteria as well as other substances they find in the colon, such as heavy metals and calcium. This helps make the biofilm impermeable. Healthy bacteria also create a mucous layer, but they don’t obstruct the holes in the Glycocalyx. In essence, the biolfilm becomes impassable and bad bacteria can live on undisturbed and multiply.

    Harmful biofilm in the colon

    The bad bacteria forms a dense biofilm in the colon on top of the health mucous layer which dehydrates the healthy layer and starts to get infected. Because of the infection, the wall of the colon starts to swell and the holes in the colon wall which take care of the intake of food, become too big. Leaky gut syndrome can then occur which demonstrates that the development of the biofilm is the reason behind the leaky gut syndrome. It is the cause of food hypersensitivity and allergies. Therefore the importance eliminating the harmful biofilm from the body is unequivocal.

    The Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse does not contain mucous healing ingredients

    Other Colon cleaning products that exist, use ingredients that influences both healthy and bad mucous layers in the colon system – but this is harmful to the colon wall. The Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse product does not contain any ingredient that dissolves or removes the mucous directly, in fact, it is a product that re-hydrates and revives the colon wall.

    Removing the Biofilm without harming the good mucous layer

    With Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse the harmful biofilm can be eliminated easily due to the key ingredient of the fermented fibre of the bark of a palm tree. This fibre penetrates the dense structures of the biofilm, without damaging these structures. The Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse cannot penetrate the healthy mucous layer, because the healthy layer does not have a thick structure to permeate into.

    The Okra powder in this formulation takes in 100x its weight in water and therefore once within the biofilm, the biofilm starts to swell with water, becomes hydrated and then top-heavy. As a result the biofilm can easily slip out of the body.

    When the biofilm has been eliminated the healthy mucous layer is able to recover as the biofilm is no longer on top of it, both suffocating & dehydrating it.

    About Biofilm

    How to Use Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse


    To prepare your body, it is necessary to reduce the amount and any heavy consumption of food two days before starting the programme. During these two days your body can rest and get used to the new situation. Consume as little as possible and also no sugar, coffee and alcohol. We do advise to drink a lot of water.

    • On the first day of preparation you take half the amount of what you normally eat.
    • On the second day you eat mostly easy digestible foods. Preferably fruit, soup, yoghurt or smoothies in limited amounts.


    After the preparation it’s time to start your programme. For each day you have one box consisting of 7 sachets, each containing the powder you mix with water to make a single shake. That means 7 shakes consumed, each day. Drink the shake directly after mixing, leaving the shake will cause it to thicken and for some cause it to be inedible.

    7 sachets for 7 shakes each day. Net weight 103g.

    • Wake-up (directly after waking up) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Meal shake (as breakfast, half an hour after wake-up shake) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Snack (between breakfast and lunch) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Meal shake (as lunch) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Snack (between breakfast and lunch) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Meal shake (as diner) 400ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.
    • Goodnight (before sleeping) 300ml water in the shaker with the contents of the sachet, shake well.

    Drink each shake directly after mixing. In addition, drink 2 litres of water each day. No coffee or alcohol.

    Tip 1: The meal shakes can be consumed in two steps for a more fluid shake. Take half the sachet and add it to 400ml water. Then take the other half with another 400ml water.

    Tip 2: To improve the taste, it’s okay to add some organic juice concentrate to the meal shakes. To improve the taste, it’s okay to add some organic juice concentrate to the meal shakes.

    After the diet

    During the programme your stomach decreases in volume and your intestines are cleansed of toxins. Be careful with solid food eaten the first two days after the programme. Your stomach has decreased in size and your intestines are no longer “protected” by the biofilm. That’s why we strongly advise to be careful with any consumption of food for the first two days.

    The first day after the programme you should eat mostly easily digestible foods. Preferably fruit, soup, yoghurt or smoothies in limited amounts.

    The second day you should eat soft and cooked foods like soup, cooked eggs, cooked vegetables, cooked potatoes and cooked fish. It’s important that you eat half of your normal daily consumption.

    Colon Cleansing and Detoxes In the Press

    Mail Online

    Mail Online

    Health Article: Daily Mail: Colonic irrigation is back with a brand new image - but experts say 'colonic hydrotherapy' is not worth it and could do more harm than good

    This article summarises the term colonic irrigation has now changed its name to colonic hydrotherapy in order to appear better than it sounds. It suggests that although celebrities highly rate the procedure and attribute it to improved health and weight loss, scientists believe it could flush out 'friendly' bacteria needed for a healthy immune system and damage internal body parts if not performed well, or perforation of the bowel wall, infection from the water or unsterilised equipment and disturbance of the balance of minerals in the blood, not to mention some experience extreme abdominal cramps and discomfort during the process and may continue for a few days after.

    Marie Claire

    Marie Claire

    Nutraconcepts Colon Detox is far more superior to colonic hydrotherapy and the above concerns are not a concern for our tried and tested product. As previously mentioned, our comprehensive formulation DOES NOT affect the healthy mucus layer nor the good bacteria, in fact it helps promote their existence. Only bad bacteria, toxins and biofilm are flushed away leaving the healthy mucous layer to flourish and thrive, promoting gut health and overall health. There is no risk of infection and its extensive formulation helps balance the minerals in the blood, not hinder them. There are no known side effects to Nutraconcepts Colon Detox.



    Health Article: Cosmopolitan: How to Detox

    This article uses naturopaths, nutritionists and health experts to help explain to us what a good detox entails and foods you should eat/ avoid and just why it’s a good idea to do one every once in a while:

    “A small detox can be good for us, as it helps rest, cleanse and nourish the body from the inside out. Ensure you eliminate refined foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages should be replaced with water and herbal teas. Certain herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion and globe artichoke may help support liver function and the detoxification process.” - Jodie Langley, naturopath

    Some people may experience headaches, gas or diarrhoea and moodiness during the early stages of a detox. This is a sign that your body is cleansing! Not everyone will experience these effects, but these symptoms should abate in one or two days. Exercise is a wonderful aid to a detox. Get your body moving with jogging, power walking, cycling or boxing – whatever you enjoy to get a sweat up and in line with your current fitness levels. Aim for 45-60 minutes of sweat time each day during your detox." - Lucinda Zammit, nutritionist

    And you must drink plenty of water!” - Marla Bozic, nutrition and health coach


    Is the Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse safe?

    Yes, the Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse product is very safe. The product is 100% natural and does not contain any toxins or allergens.

    Who should not use the product?

    During the detox eventual polluting components can come out. Therefore we discourage its use with pregnant women, women who are breast feeding and with children less than 10 years of age.

    I have difficulty in swallowing the meal shakes and do not like them, what can I do about it?

    Some people have difficulties drinking the meal shakes, here are some tips:

    1. Take the meal shakes in 2 parts, first one half of the sachet in 400 ml of water and afterwards the other half with 400 ml of water. This makes it less condensed.

    2. To improve the taste you can add a bit of Organic concentrated Juices.

    3. Some prefer the meal shakes with warm water, as it tastes more like porridge.

    Do I have to stay close to the toilet during the diet?

    That is not needed. You will use the toilet a bit more than usual, but disposing of toxic matter will happen without any trouble and is not painful.

    Will I also lose weight by using Colon Cleanse?

    Yes, for sure, your metabolism will also start working better because of the diet. You will also notice that the size of your waist will decrease. The Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse is also very suitable as a way to lose weight; in this case we advise you to try our 12-day detox diet.

    How long will I have to follow the diet?

    This differs from person to person.

    Short programme (3 days):

    • For slim people who do not want to lose weight.
    • For people who have followed a Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse before and want to do maintenance.

    Normal programme (6 day diet) – For those with a normal weight.

    Normal programme (6 day diet) – For those with a normal weight.

    Why do you have to do a build-up and cutting down phase in the diet?

    This is to diminish the great change from solid food to the detox. Cutting down on solid food decreases possible withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we advise you to diminish the intake of coffee and alcohol in those days as well. After the detox your colon system is not only cleaned, but also a bit vulnerable. The cells of the colon wall are now getting straight contact with food. The colon system needs some time to adjust to the new situation. That is why you start with liquid food and afterwards soft and boiled food. You will find more information in our instructions.

    If I want to eat something or drink something else than water during the detox; is this allowed?

    For the best result it is better not to use any other food during the diet. If you want to eat something, because you normally have many more calories during the day, is it best to eat a mashed apple or a mashed tomato. Maximum 2x a day. Next to drinking water, it is also allowed to drink organic herbal tea, fruit juice or vegetable broth.

    What can I do if I cannot go to the toilet during the diet?

    With a very small percentage of our customers, defecation does not happen daily while on the the diet. By the way, it is not necessary to have immediate or daily defecation during the diet, it is totally normal when this happens every few days.

    Some people have a more persistent biofilm, and because of its volume, it stays in its place. This is not harmful at all. The biofilm will always come out; it can just take some days. With some people it only comes when they are at the end of the diet, and also in this case this is not a problem at all. The diet is always a success; the result in this case is just a bit later. If needed, one can take additional measures to get the biofilm out immediately, first of all one can start drinking prune juice, or eat some soaked prunes. In case this is still not enough; we advise the usage of magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salts). This is easy to find online to order or at a good Chemist shop. One dissolves 2 spoons in a large glass of water. It is wise to then stay in the vicinity of the toilet. In case of trouble during the diet which can’t be solved yourself, it is of course always possible to contact us via email.

    I am following the diet and have little to no defecation. Also, I feel bloated. Is that normal?

    With a certain percentage of people it is normal that during the diet not much comes out. With these people the biofilm swells a lot, because it is more persistent than others. The bloated feeling comes about because of the swollen biofilm, because of the ingredients of our product that make the biofilm absorb water; this is a positive process. Therefore it can take a little while before it comes out, sometimes even only when one starts to eat normally again.

    In that case it is not realty recognizable as the biofilm, but tests have shown it always comes out.

    In case you are not comfortable with this, you can take laxative tea during the diet, prune juice, or in even more severe cases, Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). But be assured, it is absolutely not abnormal that it is not visible -something is happening. Each person reacts differently and reacts in a unique way. The nice thing about our product is that it always does its work, whether it comes out after 1 or 7 days. Don’t lose courage and continue, the product will work on the biofilm, even when it only comes out after you are back eating normally.

    Are good bacteria also getting lost with the diet?

    No, this is not so. The good bacteria are situated in the colon wall. Because of the biofilm, the unhealthy mucous layer, the colon wall is getting pressure and dehydrates. A shortage of good bacteria comes about and a surplus of disease- creating bacteria. When you get rid of the unhealthy mucous layer, the colon wall will recover. So our product does not affect the “healthy biofilm”, and strictly speaking this is no biofilm. But this is the healthy mucous layer which covers all human mucous membranes. Think of the slimy surface of the inside of the mouth, that is the healthy mucous layer. Normally speaking, this should be the case in the colon on the colon wall, but because harmful bacteria have formed a shield over it the healthy mucous layer is dehydrating. The healthy mucous layer, if this is still present in the colon system, does not have a layer which can be permeated by our product, so this can’t be removed by our product. By using our product the biofilm of harmful bacteria disappears and the healthy mucous layer in the colon system can be rebuilt by the body.

    After the diet we advise you to replenish the good bacteria by, for instance, eating probiotic nutrients and by using one of our Bioplus supplements, whereby the good bacteria can multiply. In this way you keep the colon flora in the best condition.

    Colon Cleanse or Colonic Irrigation?

    When we think of a ‘colon cleanse’ we automatically think Colonic Irrigation (now referred to as colonic hydrotherapy) as this technique is extremely common. Many celebrities openly speak about their experiences of the treatment and how they felt tremendously wonderful afterwards. Many users have even stated they felt somewhat ‘lighter’ after the treatment suggesting they lost some weight. Such statements explain why this technique is so popular. But is it worth all its hype?

    Yes it does cleanse the colon, but at what cost? The use of water to ‘flush out’ the bowel has remained a grave concern to scientists who have suggested that it actually hinders the bowels health as, whilst cleansing the bowel in this way, it also removes the 'friendly' bacteria and the healthy mucous layer needed for a healthy immune system. There is a possibility it could damage internal body parts if not performed well, or lead to a perforated bowel wall. An infection from the water or unsterilised equipment is also a possibility, plus some patients experience severe abdominal cramps and discomfort during the process which can continue for a few days after the treatment.

    So is there a better way to cleanse the colon?

    Colonic Irrigation (colonic hydrotherapy) only cleanses the large intestine and it washes away friendly bacteria & healthy mucus within the colon, which is required for health. Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse offers a revolutionary solution. This unique sachet-form colon cleanse works from within. Its all-natural solution of okra and fermented fibres from the bark of the oil-palm tree gently, yet extremely effectively, helps remove any toxins from the entire intestinal tract. This build-up is referred to as Biofilm.

    This Biofilm attaches itself to the walls of the intestines which prevents the body’s ability to absorb nutrients efficiently inevitably hindering health. This non-invasive colon cleanse does not contain any ingredients that dissolves or removes the healthy mucous layer alongside the walls of the intestines, in fact, it re-hydrates and revives the colon wall. When the biofilm has been eliminated the healthy mucous layer is able to recover and function optimally once again.

    This is important as a healthy gut is essential for immune tolerance. The gut is the place many will first lose immune tolerance. Therefore, the healthier the intestinal tract, the stronger the immune system and the better able one is to absorb nutrients helping support overall health and wellbeing.

    Does an Enema cleanse the colon?

    No. An enema works essentially to help relieve constipation. Colonic irrigation or a colon cleanse is not usually performed for this desired result. People do not tend to seek out a colon cleanse for constipation, but to feel better within. An enema is a liquid-solution injected into the lower bowel to soften stool enabling it to pass easier.

    Colon Cleanse vs Enema

    Enema Colon Cleanse
    Targets lower bowel Cleanses the entire intestinal tract
    Relieves constipation Supports a healthy immune system
    Is a quick fix Allows nutrients to be more readily absorbed by the body
    Has no health benefits Helps improve overall health & wellbeing
    Promotes healthy eating habits

    An enema is very different to a colon cleanse and colonic irrigation is not ideal for numerous health-related issues as outlined above. The all-natural colon cleanse is by far more superior and sets one’s body on the right path to healthy lifestyle choices that will positively affect one’s health, energy and vitality for life.

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