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Women should be Training like Men for a Toned Physique?

Summer is fast approaching, and we are all looking to achieve a physique we feel is ideal for the beach. And while many will turn to slimming supplements for quick weight loss results, sports scientist, strength & conditioning Guru, Brando Hasick, from Sydney believes it’s a good idea for women to consider another way of toning – ‘strength training’. But it seems, even today, many women are afraid of weights for fear they will bulk up and appear too masculine. If only the average woman realised that weights are one of the best ways for toning the body.

Maybe women have been programmed to believe they need to work out in a different way to men, to help them stay looking feminine – but this is far from the case. So we need to re-programme the way we think if women want to achieve a toned physique. Let’s face it, the female body responds to testosterone in a completely different way to men and therefore it would be unfeasible for a woman to build muscle mass like men.

Also, to train at a lower rate than men, Hasick believes, the muscles are not getting the stimulus they need. Women need to train at different intensities every time they train. This way the muscles are able to recognise the need to create more or stronger cells. Strength training is also great for posture which is required for effective execution of exercises so to avoid injury.

It is common knowledge that more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is. So essentially, by increasing metabolism through intense weight training women’s bodies can continue to burn calories after the workout.

As with anything, the body adapts. So if you only do one form of exercise, for example jogging, the body adapts to being able to do just that. If you then add burpees into the mix for instance, then it recognises the need for change. This is the basis of strength training.

So in essence, women who lift weights achieve a tighter, more toned physique and boost their metabolism naturally, therefore burning more calories throughout the day even at rest – helping achieve weight loss and keeping it off. Strength training may be the best option for women to achieve that sought after bikini body.