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Winter Skincare Advice

Cold air dries skin. Dry skin appears unhealthy, dull, rough and aged. It can also be an ideal breeding ground for acne causing bacteria (propionibacterium) to thrive, causing breakouts. Drier air can also make skin over-produce sebum, clogging pores, and again, causing further breakouts.

With this in mind, it is important to moisturise skin daily as it is vital to help maintain a healthy skin barrier and to prevent dry skin – especially during cooler months. Avoiding moisturising altogether could in fact worsen skin health as the body will over-produce sebum in order to counteract skin dryness.

It is therefore important to moisturise daily with a non-comedogenic, lightweight, water-based moisturiser. This way skin won’t feel oily or uncomfortable when applied and you can rest assured you are supporting your skin’s health.

help: clear skinhelp: clear skin by Works With Water, is perfect for any autumn/winter skincare routine. It contains Aloe Vera which provides a soothing, nourishing effect upon skin (which is essential during these cooler months when skin is much drier).

It also contains the patented ingredient PravENAC™ – a unique formulation containing a natural milk protein, rich in bioactive lactoferrin. Lactoferrin inhibits the growth of propionibacterium, and with drier air creating an affluent breeding ground for this bacteria, help: clear skin is the best line of defence against acne breakouts.

And as drier skin can cause an over-production of sebum, PravENAC™ also has a positive effect on helping reduce skin oiliness, effectively reducing the likelihood of future breakouts and their severity.

This all-natural, one sachet-a-day food supplement may be tasteless in food or drink but is powerful enough to help support skin’s health from within for a clearer complexion throughout autumn/winter. And from November 1st-22nd 2018 there is 50% off the entire range with code HSC50DM, so stock up on this skin care essential while you can!

Choose Natural Skin Care Remedies

Natural skin care is the way forward in skin health. Containing only ‘necessary’ ingredients that feed the skin nutrients it requires to heal itself. Remedies for most skin ailments can be found naturally – from Aloe Vera to Vitamin C.Perfectace Platinum Collagen

With all-natural skin care, skin is able to radiate with health, youth and vitality without the hefty price tag or ‘unnecessary’ potentially toxic added ingredients, not just throughout autumn/winter, but all-year round.

Perfectace has a unique range of skin soothing, anti-ageing products containing no unnecessary ingredients detrimental to skin health. Ingredients are clinically tested for skin-health effectiveness, reduce visible signs of premature skin ageing but most importantly in this cold weather, they all serve to dramatically improve skin hydration for supple, soft, healthy skin. From November 1st 2018-30th 2018 buy one get one free on all collagen filled perefctace collagen capsules – all the better for your skin my dear!