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Winter Hair Care


Just as skin requires increased hydration to relieve dull, dry skin in cold weather, so to does hair. This is why we offer advice on winter hair care. With skin, we may use a heavier daily cream or use face masks more often. With hair, masks are also a great idea. Conditioning masks provide hair with a deep treatment to help nourish hair from root to tip.


There are numerous masks to choose from or you can simply make one at home with ingredients you already have such as banana, honey and olive oil, some people even use mayonnaise, or banana and avocado. There are numerous possibilities to choose from to achieve the best conditioning treatment for your hair type to help improve your hair’s elasticity, moisture content and strength.


Use a Hair Serum


Hair products also need to change. Cold weather can damage hair so it is all about conditioning and nourishing hair. Whatever your hair type it is a great idea to purchase a hair serum as cold weather causes frizzy hair.


Take Care of Your scalp


Dandruff is also common this time of year as cold weather dries out the scalp. A flaky scalp can also cause hair loss. Scalp-targeted products should be used on a daily basis, as well as using an exfoliating scalp mask once or twice a week so the scalp can breathe promoting healthy hair growth.


Take a Healthy Hair SupplementHealthy hair supplement


A hair health supplement like Hair Radiance can help support hair and scalp health. Rich in nutrients including biotin, Spirulina, zinc, collagen, iron, vitamins and folic acid, these capsules help support a healthy scalp which helps support healthy hair growth. The ingredients supply every hair strand with the nourishment it requires to thrive in the coldest of weather from root to tip.

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When it comes to cold weather remember to take care of your scalp, invest in a serum especially for frizzy hair, use conditioning masks at least once a week and take a hair supplement. These four things will help keep your hair in tip top condition throughout the cooler seasons.


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