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Why Vitamin D & B Are So Important

Vitamin D & vitamin B supplements are often overlooked, but are important for good health. Today we take a look at the two and how they can make a difference to everyday life.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the World’s biggest health concerns. As many as 60% of the UK’s population is vitamin D deficient with low levels linked to health concerns ranging from tiredness, aches and in more severe cases osteomalacia.



Vitamin D plays a key role in our body as it helps to:

• To support normal growth, development of bones and teeth.
• Help prevent fragile bones (Osteoporosis).
• Research suggests it plays a role in reducing the risk of Multiple Sclerosis.
• Decreases you chance of developing heart disease.

Who may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency?

• Naturally dark skinned people – who need more UV exposure to produce adequate levels of vitamin D as the pigment in their skin reduces UV penetration.
• Over 60’S – At the age of 60 the body’s ability to absorb minerals deteriorates buy 25%. This can lead to a weaker bone structure and immune system.
• People who cover their skin for religious or cultural reasons.
• The elderly and people who are housebound or in institutional care.
• Babies and infants of vitamin D deficient mothers, especially breastfed babies.
• Children – Bones are growing at their fastest at this stage, so they need to consume around 400 IU to maintain healthy bone growth.
• Vitamin D also helps treat weak bones and prevents brittle bones in cases of osteoporosis.
• Teens – Bones stop growing at the age of 20 so it’s important to provide the body with enough vitamin D to support new tissues formation.

How to get your daily does of vitamin D

Vitamin D is often called ”the sunshine vitamin” since it is produced in the skin using sunlight energy. Working indoors, short daylight hours and clothing can all reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the skin and therefore the amount of vitamin D produced. For this reason, vitamin D tablets are an essential supplement.

Vitamin B



Vitamin B assists in the efficient bodily functions so necessary for good health, such as the formation of blood cells, the release of energy from food, and maintenance of cardiac and neurological processes. It also helps keep your nails and hair stronger. If you suffer from sluggishness or tiredness, vitamin B can lift your energy levels and deliver you from fatigue, anxiety or stress. It is also a key player in your good digestive health, improving the intake of micronutrients to prevent other deficiencies.

Who may be at risk of vitamin B deficiency?

Basically vitamin B deficiency occurs in people who are having problems with their digestive system. It can be caused by:

• Less consumption of green leafy vegetables.
• Surgery in which an intestine is removed.
• Alcohol consumption.
• Excessive use of acid-reducing pills or drugs.
• Use of only vegetarian diet.

How to get your daily does of vitamin B?

Treatment of vitamin B deficiency depends on person to person. You can treat deficiency by consuming a healthy diet rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B complex supplements can also be taken in case of severe deficiency. You can treat vitamin B deficiency by:

• Avoiding alcohol
• Consuming animal products like meat and fish
• Making milk your regular drink
• Taking vitamin supplements
• Eating cereals in your breakfast
• Going for a morning walk

Many people are not able to have a well-balanced diet for all of the essential vitamins they need, so Vitamin Planet has developed effective and potent vitamin supplements to help make up for this.