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Why Not Try Some of These Summer Beauty Hacks (for when we finally see some sun)?

summer beauty hacks


Disguise tan lines

Cut-out swimsuits and summer clothing can lead to the emergence of annoying tan lines. Hide them with ease by applying moisturiser to your tanned skin and then (with a makeup sponge) apply self-tanner to the white lines. Make sure to blend the colour evenly for crafty disguise.



Swap foundation for a tinted facial moisturiser

Use a tinted facial moisturiser with an SPF built in – this way you spend less time applying make-up and more time enjoying the summer sun! The added SPF is a bonus so you only have one product to apply. Who doesn’t love time-saving??

Don’t want to buy a tinted moisturiser? Simply add some bronzer to your everyday lotion and apply as normal.


Keep your nails looking ‘on-point’

Make sure you put nail polish in the fridge. Hot weather causes the polish to thicken and may bubble making application difficult. Leave your polish in the fridge. Putting it in the fridge ensures a smoother coverage when applying.


When wearing make-up think ‘waterproof’

Sweating happens. Make sure your face does not look as though it is melting in the summer sun by opting for waterproof make-up that can sustain the glorious sweat beads rolling down your face.


Bikini rash no more

Banish bikini rash with chamomile tea bags. Simply let them sit in hot water for a few minutes, remove, and then put in the freezer for 15 minutes, after which you can apply to the bikini line. Chamomile is a natural soother so coupled with the ice cooling effects this little remedy will help soothe an irritated bikini line in no time.


Deodorant in between your thighs

Yes, apply deodorant – not to combat odour but to prevent chaffing! Try this little trick on your feet as well (in between toes and at the back of heels) to help prevent blisters developing from friction caused by your new favourite sandals.


Sunburn reliever

Aloe Vera Gel is great for treating sunburn, so it should come as no surprise that frozen aloe vera gel works even better! Simply pour your AV gel into an ice cube tray, freeze, and apply to your skin as needed for soothing sunburn relief.


Already familiar with these beauty tips? Let us know ‘your’ favourite summer beauty hacks and comment below!