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Top Tips for Weight Loss Ready for summer

There is nothing new to losing weight – the premise remains the same as are the top tips for weight loss. You no doubt already know them, it’s just a matter of sticking to them. If weight loss is something you truly want to achieve then you will find these reminder tips helpful. Now is the best time to start trying to achieve that beach physique in time for summer.

Top Tips for Weight Loss


  1. Eat smaller portions – and be sure to include all food groups throughout the day. Cutting out food groups will not help weight loss in the long-run. And once you re-introduce those food groups, weight gain is inevitable. If you are in doubt, see the NHS Eatwell Guide for further guidance.


  1. Eat regularly – Regular meals throughout the day will help maintain blood sugar levels and keep cravings at bay (which means no sugary snack cravings).



  1. Drink plenty of water – not sugary calorific drinks, just water. It contains 0 calories and hydrates the entire body. The adult human body is approximately 60% water so it needs it just as much as you do for weight loss. Do your body a favour and keep it hydrated. Water consumption will also help you to feel fuller. Try drinking a glass of water before every meal. This trick should ensure you can only eat a smaller portion as the stomach is full before eating. Aim for 2 litres a day.


  1. Exercise – This is a no-brainer. Great for the body and mind. A healthy mind will help support weight loss and boost endorphins. A combination of cardio and weight training should see excess convert into lean muscle. It may be better to watch the inches drop off rather than the lbs as muscle weighs more than fat. So even if you’re not losing weight (because fat in converting to muscle) you are getting a more toned physique. Depending on the physical activity you choose to undertake, vary your diet accordingly. Intense training will require more food whereas 30 minutes of walking daily will not. Be smart when combining exercise with healthy eating. Do your research.



  1. If you are struggling to lose weight and have upped your daily exercise as well as changed your diet for the better, then you may want to consider fat burner capsules or weight loss shakes.metaburn fat burner capsules metashake weight loss shake

Fat burner capsules such as Metaburn contains numerous fat burning superfoods including Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee extract, and as the name suggests, Metaburn helps melt away stubborn excess fat (when taken alongside exercise and healthy eating).

Weight loss shakes take the hassle out of calorie counting for 2 out of 3 meals a day. Breakfast and lunch consist of a shake. In the case of MetaShake, each shake is 195 calories and contains 14g of protein as well as every nutrient you would receive from the meal you are replacing, so you aren’t losing any essential nutrients by replacing meals with this shake. Its convenience works for many people and results are visible within 1 month of use.


We hope these top tips for weight loss help you on your weight loss journey this summer. Why not let us know your top tip for weight loss and share them with the rest of the Vitamin Planet community. We look forward to hearing from you.