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Today is World Heart Day!

worldheartA healthy heart is vital for living life to the full, regardless of age and gender. Unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and smoking are the leading causes of heart disease and stroke.

This World Heart Day, the focus is on creating heart-healthy environments. By ensuring that people are able to make heart-healthy choices wherever they live, work and play, World Heart Day 2014 encourages us all to reduce our cardiovascular risk, and promotes a heart-healthy planet for those around us.

Too often, society “blames” the individual’s lifestyle choices for his or her CVD. But the environments in which we live, work and play can have a huge effect on our ability to make the right choices for our heart-health. The World Heart Foundation recommend the follow changes to help reduce your own and your family’s risk of heart disease and stroke.

Stock your home with healthy food options

  • Limit prepacked food that are often high in sugar, fat and salt.
  • Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables in your meals or swap sweet treats for mango or other fruits.
  • Prepare healthy school or work lunches at home.

Ban smoking in your home

  • Stopping smoking in your home will not only improve your health but also your children’s health
  • Quitting smoking is also a great way to be a positive role model for your children

Be active

  • Limit TV watching at home
  • Organize outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or simply playing in the garden

Recognize your CVD risk

  • Visit a health professional who can measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, weight and body mass index, and advise on your risk.
  • Once you know your CVD risk, you can make a specific plan to improve your heart health and your healthcare professional can also advise on appropriate treatment options where necessary


Sign the World Heart Day petition to call on national and international leaders to recognise the global burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and to prioritise the need for heart-healthy environments wherever people live work, or play.  Sign the petition HERE.