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The Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse products offer an effective way to cleanse the digestive tract and promote gut health. Our overall health & wellbeing relies heavily on the functioning of the colon which is why it is important to cleanse it and keep it clean. Such products have the ability to help remove any toxin build-up that may have accumulated over time from the foods and drink we consume. Unhealthy foods and drink unfortunately leave their footprint within our digestive tract, generating poor gut health which can result in chronic diarrhoea, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion to name a few.

Stomach cleanse products help promote gut health. Poor gut health indicates an imbalance between good and bad bacteria. We need good, and we need bad, but there needs to be a perfect balance (which is commonly believed to be 80% good and 20% bad in order for the gut to function optimally). It is the imbalance that causes the problem, not the bad bacteria by itself. Probiotics are a great option to take once you have completed your colon cleanse to help support optimal gut health, as they help to rebalance the imbalance. The imbalance can occur from a build-up of yeasts, bacteria or fungi in the body. Such cells can accumulate within the body when the intestines are not functioning optimally – again due to a toxin build-up.

Colon Irrigation

Another benefit of colon irrigation is its ability to help improve overall health, with the focus on the intestines. A toxin build-up in the colon can also result in a poor immune system. This is because nutrients from foods we consume are absorbed in the intestines. Unfortunately, the toxin build-up forms a layer of film that runs alongside the intestines known as Biofilm, which prevents nutrients being absorbed and thus, health diminishes. Biofilm is one of the main culprits of poor digestive health. It dehydrates the intestinal wall resulting in intestinal irritation, and as a result – food, nutrients and medicines are not adequately absorbed, while fungi and viruses are able to penetrate into the blood which can lead to conditions such as inflammatory reactions, leaky gut, hypersensitivity and obesity.

Nutraconcepts colon cleanse is a non-invasive treatment that helps to gently and effectively remove biofilm ‘without’ disturbing the healthy mucous layer of the intestines. This allows the bowel to once again function efficiently, absorbing nutrients effectively, and as a result, supports overall health.

As previously mentioned, Probiotics offer an effective way to support the benefits of taking Nutraconcepts colon cleanse. The right balance of good and bad bacteria will help prevent a build-up of bacteria, fungus or yeast which would usually result in poor gut health. Maintaining a complete healthy digestive tract (including stomach, large & small intestines) is key to supporting overall health.

Not only does colon cleansing remove toxin build-up and improve overall health, it may also help promote initial weight loss, improve energy levels and increase metabolism. Try Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse now for a cleaner body and a healthier you.