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Sun Protection for Healthy Skin

Low on sun cream? Get some! If this summer is here to stay, you need to be prepared. Sun cream is the only way to protect your skin from skin damage (well sun cream, clothing and the shade, but knowing most of us, we are not hiding in the shade – we are basking in the sun).

As we know, sun damage to skin can lead to skin cancer. It also accelerates skin ageing. Therefore, sun protection is a Sun Protectionfactor not to be overlooked. Kylie Jenner, Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and many more celebrities also rave about the importance of sun protection for skin health – not just the important scientists.

It is necessary to wear ‘at least’ SPF30 on your body and SPF50 on your face. High sun protection means skin stays healthy. Healthy skin also appears more youthful. So a high SPF makes sense – protect your skin. Apparently, you need around two teaspoons of sunscreen just for your head, arms and neck and two tablespoons for your entire body. Its likely many of us do not use this amount.

We should also reapply every 2 hours as sun cream can be rubbed off, washed off or sweated off. Yes – people sweat. It’s normal. You know those sun creams that say they provide effective protection after just one application – reapply these regularly too. And whether the sun cream is water resistant or waterproof, reapply after going into the water.

This next point requires you to be organised in life. Wait at least 30 minutes before going into the sun after applying sun cream (so don’t apply just before you step out of the door as it won’t be effective in those first 30 minutes of exposure).

Protect your skin with daily application of sun cream to help keep the chances of skin cancer at bay and to help skin stay healthy. Besides, healthy skin looks far better than wrinkled, overly-tanned, sun spot covered skin…right?