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Shift Those Extra Winter Pounds With Our Top 3 Fat Burners

With the winter nearly over, many of us are feeling the effects of overindulgence and are starting to think of ways to lose weight ready for the summer.

But is there anything that can help shift those extra winter pounds along with – or instead of – diet and exercise?

Slimming products such as fat burners, weight loss pills and food supplements can be effective if combined with a balanced, healthy, low calorie diet, so here’s our round up of the top fat burning pills.

The Best Weight Loss Pills 

1: Metaburn Fat Burner


Metaburn is a cutting edge Thermogenic formula designed to help aid fat loss and is one of Vitamin Planets best weight loss pills. It’s multi action award winning formula combines some of the most powerful natural ingredients to form one of the most potent fat burners on the market! When combined with an effective diet and exercise routine, Metaburn’s fat burning ingredients have been scientifically proven to help burn and mobilise stored fats in the body.

Key Ingredients: Metaburn’s unique formula combines the world’s most popular weight loss Super Fruits including Raspberry Ketone & Green Coffee Bean Extract along with Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients as used by athletes to boost their performance.

Metaburn Fat Burner is available for £39.99. RRP: £59.99.


2. Green Coffee MAX


Green Coffee Bean Extract has been hailed by the media as one of the miracle fat burning pills

and has quickly become an international sensation in the weight loss world. Green Coffee MAX Green Coffee Bean Extract provides a high potency concentrated extracted from green coffee beans that is effective in increasing weight loss, increasing focus and energy.

Key Ingredients: Contains a high concentration of the potent active ingredient chlorogenic acid which acts synergistically to increase fat oxidation and the basal metabolic rate to increase weight loss. Scientific results have been published detailing participants in studies losing 4.4% total body fat and 10% total body weight over a period of 12 weeks of use

Green Coffee Max is available for £29.99. RRP: £39.99



3. ProBURN Fat Burner

ProBURN is a unique combination of pure bioactive ingredients that have been proven to boost your metabolism so that your body burns more calories even at rest. ProBURN makes weight loss fast, easy and safe. The most effective natural ingredients have been specifically combined in ProBURN to deliver essential macro and micro-nutrients to your body which have potent active ingredients that work to effectively promote rapid weight loss.

Key Ingredients: The main ingredient is Capsicum which helps to mobilise and break down fat by enhancing the rate of fatty acid oxidation which helps burn fat in your body quickly.

ProBURN is available for £39.99. RRP: £39.99


All 3 of these are rated as the best weight loss pills, but our number 1 choice would always be Metaburn Fat Burners.