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Pollution Protection for Youthful Skin

In order for skin to look youthful and radiant with a glowing complexion, skin needs to be healthy. But every day air pollution can actually damage skin. The main cause of skin damage from pollution is considered to be from what is called ‘Ozone’. The Ozone Layer as we know it absorbs UV rays, protecting us from skin cancer. But low lying ozone creates a type of toxic gas when UV hits its molecules, and this is believed to be a huge cause of skin damage.anti-ageing skincare

How? The epidermis (outer layer of skin) contains lipids. It is believed that Ozone breaks these lipids down, compromising the skins barrier so that our skin cells can themselves be compromised causing premature ageing. Applying sunscreen is the best way to help prevent this – not just in the summer, but all year round.

Remember, the main function of skin is to act as an immune barrier – to keep harmful things out. But if that barrier is compromised, things can get in. Things such as pollutants from the very air we breathe.

The best way to protect skin against damage from air pollution is to apply antioxidants to skin via creams containing antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. Also, use a cleanser that washes your face of the tiny particles that accumulate on it every day, but that does not strip away essential oils. Key ingredients to look out for when choosing skin care products include lanolin, glycerine, beeswax and niacinamide.

In short, antioxidants, cleansing and keeping skin healthy is the best way to protect skin from air pollution damage.