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Metashake – The No.1 Weight Loss Shake

Weight loss shakes are a godsend for many dieters. Why? Because of their convenience! No meal planning – convenient. No calorie counting as it’s already done for you – convenient. No need to make or plan meals in advance – convenient. Oh, and did I mention they are convenient? Each shake fits into life perfectly:

Breakfast = Shake.

Lunchtime = Shake.

The only meal one has to even consider is dinner which, as with most dieters, will probably contain an abundance of vegetables, lean protein and not much carbs.

Weight LossSo, if you are following a calorie controlled diet, it is because you want to consume less calories than you burn daily in order to lose weight. The beauty of each shake is that you already know the amount of calories you are about to consume. It’s right there on the tin.

Let’s face it, the hardest thing about calorie counting is the counting. Who even knows how many calories are in an un-weighed amount of cereal in a bowl with an unmeasured amount of semi-skimmed milk and a banana? Exactly. No doubt you have to ‘google it’ or kid yourself that it was within your calorific limit. Weight loss shakes like Metashake, remove the hassle of calorie counting, so you can focus on living life and losing lbs.

Metashake Weight Loss Shake is a delicious chocolate flavoured shake containing just 195 calories per serving (in skimmed milk). Each shake provides 14g of protein to help maintain lean muscle mass whilst losing fat, as well as 20 multivitamins & minerals to ensure the body receives all the nutrients it would have gotten from each meal that was replaced throughout the day, including Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C.

Metashake goes one step further to help support weight loss endeavours. It also contains all-natural ingredients Glucomannan, Green Coffee, Green Tea & CLA to help burn fat and boost metabolism.


Here is a run-down of how to prepare and take Metashake:


  • Simply add 1 scoop (40g) of MetaShake to a blender, or shaker cup with 200ml of skimmed milk (low fat) or water and blend or shake for 20-30 seconds or until the powder is dissolved.
  • Adjust the intensity of your shake by varying the amount of liquid you use to prepare it, for a slightly thicker consistency with bolder flavour mix each scoop with 100ml of skimmed milk or water. For a milder tasting less sweet shake, use 300ml of liquid per scoop.
  • Replace two meals per day with this delicious shake and eat one nutritionally balanced meal.


The proteins, fibre and healthy fats in Metashake help the body feel fuller for longer, so one is less likely to snack. It also helps reduce cravings for junk food and sugary snacks. Energy levels should increase and due to its proprietary digestive blend, it helps support the body, helping it to function efficiently.

Convenience may hold the key to successful weight loss and weight loss shakes make calorie counting diets far more ‘convenient’. The easier it is to succeed the more likely one is going to stick to the diet. Metashake is an effective weight loss aid to help one achieve their weight loss goals.