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Metacleanse – The No. 1 Detox Choice

Ever wondered how detoxing can benefit the body? Let’s first understand why we should detox. Now, unless you eat a healthy diet, balanced full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and few carbs, then the processed foods & alcoholic/sugar-filled beverages you do eat produce toxins in the body. These toxins can adversely affect the body’s natural processes such as disrupt digestion, metabolism, skin health, mood and even cause premature ageing.

Detox weight lossPoor digestion can lead to constipation, IBS & bloating, and slow metabolism can lead to weight gain. A good detox can remove built up stored waste in and around the colon, which can result in weight loss! So assuming we all want to fit into our summer clothes for the duration of the summer, we can all agree that bloating and weight gain are two things we want to avoid.

Detoxing removes these toxins from the body. By eradicating them, the body’s digestive, hormonal and nervous systems are then able to function in efficiently. It’s like giving the body a clean slate to start all over again – ‘cathartic’ if you will. This clean slate enables you to begin living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, low protein (even soya if you’re feeling adventurous), fewer carbs, drinking more water (few sugary/alcoholic drinks) alongside regular exercise to help keep the body in top form.

Metacleanse is a little bit different to other detox products. Firstly, it’s a supplement, not a powdered drink like many others. Secondly, the way in which you take it is also different. You take 6 capsules (yes 6) for the first three days of the detox. (It is recommended you start the detox on a Friday so that any toilet-related toxin elimination can happen over the weekend). Then you take 2 capsules daily for the following ‘month’ …yes month, to help maintain gut health. The duration of this detox ensures results are long lasting, not a fad.

Metacleanse is also a great way to kick-start a weight loss programme as each capsule contains Aloe Vera, the most powerful detoxifier! Every 2 capsules contain 30mg – the equivalent to 6000ml of fresh Juice; Psyllium Husk acts as a natural laxative to help eliminate toxins naturally from the body; Prune Fibre contains sorbitol that helps loosen the stool and a natural laxative called diphenyl isatin; Plantain is a powerful herb that can help eliminate toxicity by cleansing the blood toxins from the body; Pumpkin Seed Powder is a good source of easily digestible fibre which helps improve bowel regularity, and Good Bacteria, a quarter billion Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifido Bifidum blend (Breve, Longum and Infantis) to be exact, per 2 capsules for optimum digestive function.

After taking Metacleanse, your body will feel more mentally, physically and emotionally energised as well as quite a few lbs lighter. So if you were ever in doubt as to why you should detox, Metacleanse answers all your questions.