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Magnesium Strengthens Bones and Enhances Energy Yielding Metabolism

Magnesium may not be the most popular supplement since it has not been popularised like many of the commonly consumed minerals. However, the importance of Magnesium should not be overlooked as it is an essential mineral for which people are facing an increasing incidence of deficiency.

What do Magnesium Supplements do?

It is well established that Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth as it regulates the secretion of hormones that controls the breakdown/synthesis of bone. There have been several published papers that show Magnesium improves bone density as well as reducing the risk of periodontal disease (Meisel et al.2005). The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued great endorsement for the role of magnesium in maintaining normal bones, teeth, protein synthesis, electrolyte balance, neurotransmission and muscle contraction.

Slightly less well known is the role of Magnesium in energy yielding metabolism. Magnesium is present in every cell of the body and occurs in a complex bound to ATP which is the immediate source of energy for all cellular processes. Since Magnesium contributes to storing the small pool of ATP in cells. A deficiency in Magnesium means that energy cannot be released properly as normal energy yielding metabolic processes involving the hydrolysis of ATP are inefficient and the result is tiredness and fatigue.

Magnesium SupplementMagnesium is required for the activation of enzymes that are involved in digestion, absorption and utilisation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Metabolic efficiency is achievable with the normal Magnesium levels which can aid weight loss. In addition to Magnesium, CLA supplements (conjugated lipoic acid) have been found to be particularly effective in boosting weight loss. CLA supplements have been found to enhance metabolic rate and utilisation of energy to support weight loss. Both CLA supplements and Magnesium function through non-stimulator mechanisms to contribute to safe and effective weight loss.

Bioavailability of Magnesium Supplements

It has never been easier to buy magnesium supplements online in the UK as Vitamin Planet have released a high quality Magnesium supplement containing 100mg per tablet. Although it is possible to buy magnesium supplements online in the UK with much higher concentrations, experts have deemed 100mg tablets to be a safe and effective dosage. All Magnesium supplements are a combination of Magnesium and another substance in order to ensure the Magnesium dissociates to its ionic form so that it can be absorbed. The Magnesium supplement produced by Vitamin Planet contains Magnesium Oxide which has the highest elemental Magnesium content (60%) of all common forms of Magnesium supplements which ensure that you gain as much of the mineral as possible from each tablet.