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Lack of Vitamin D May ‘Raise Dementia Risk’

A new study has found that people lacking in vitamin D are twice as likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s compared to those with healthy levels of vitamin D. The findings were based on the Cardiovascular Health Study of more than 1,650 people aged 65 and above who were followed over a period of about six years to see if they developed dementia.

Vitamin D Supplement

Researchers found that those with severe vitamin D deficiency (less than 25nmol/l) were twice as likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s, whilst those with moderately low levels of vitamin D (between 25nmol/l and 50nmol/l) were associated with a 50% increase in risk.

Vitamin D, which can be produced by exposure to the sun, as well as being absorbed from fortified foods and specialist supplements. It is fast becoming one of the World’s biggest health concerns, with as many as 60% of the UK’s population being vitamin D deficient.

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