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How to Get Summer Sexy Legs

Summer Ready LegsWhen the British summer finally decides to arrive, we want to be ready. Legs finally get to see the light of day, so here are a few ways to make sure they are show-off worthy, summer-sun ready.

The colder weather has been harsh to skin. Hydrating moisturisers and creamy shower product will help reduce a scaly skin appearance. Interestingly, it seems acne pads are also a useful little tool to help reduce dry skin. The active ingredients salicylic acid helps remove dead skin cells. Use before applying moisturiser so the cream is absorbed by the skin more effectively.

Wax don’t shave. Shaving removes hair for what feels like a few hours of the day and before you know it, you need to repeat the process. Its time consuming and can lead to skin irritation if is repeated too frequently (which, let’s face it, will not help make legs look show-off worthy). This also leaves the follicles under the skin which are still visible after shaving. One way to stay hair-free longer is to wax. Waxing remove the hair from the follicle, and over time actually kills the hair so growth becomes sparser. Remember to exfoliate and moisturise the night before you wax for best results.

Work those thighs. Tone up thighs quickly with squats, though even extra walking can help. This will reduce any ‘wobbliness’ you may be experiencing right now, so you can walk tall and svelte in the summer sun.

Fake Tan? Why not. Get a gradual tan using both a daily moisturiser and fake tan to achieve an even colour.

Sun Cream! Skin cancer is something we all want to avoid. Legs are most commonly affected as melanoma has been linked to sporadic and high-intensity sun exposure. So like I said, slap on that sun cream daily.

To help reduce unsightly veins, try a supplement that helps improve circulation. Poor circulation can lead to slow blood flow which can result in thread veins/varicose veins. These are not ‘ideal’ for summer ready legs. Slenderlegs not only helps reduce water retention in the calves, aid circulation, and lessen the appearance of unsightly varicose veins but as a result reveals more beautiful looking legs you will dare to show off.