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How to Fight Against Visible Signs of Ageing

It is common knowledge that youthful looks begin to deplete as we age. This is because collagen stores (as well as other elements) are no longer as readily made within the body. Collagen is a necessary component of skin as it is what maintains the structure and integrity of it. Without it, skin loses elasticity & firmness and fine line & wrinkles begin to form as well as sagging skin.

Below are three effective anti-ageing treatments that have been clinically shown to work. One way to help maintain collagen levels within the body is to ingest collagen.anti-ageing skincare

Collagen capsules: Ingesting collagen in the form of a capsule, is believed to be better for collagen synthesis thanapplying it to skin in the form of a cream.  This is because when ingested, the collagen is absorbed into the body and works its way out to the skins surface – hence, it penetrates the deeper layer of the skin that creams cannot. Ingesting collagen supplements is therefore an ideal way to boost collagen.

Collagen creams: Improves levels of collagen on the skin’s surface to help prevent ageing, sagging, wrinkled skin.

Topical creams containing collagen lay on the skin’s surface (the epidermis) as the molecules are too large to penetrate the dermis. And while that is not a bad thing – collagen creams can work to minimise visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles on the superficial layer of the skin – collagen capsules however, can work from the inside out, not only accentuating the benefits of a cream if you choose to use the two in combination, but also when taken alone the capsules are able to hydrate, smooth and firm skin from within resulting in healthier looking skin that is firmer, hydrated & radiant with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Ageing Peptides:

Peptides are the latest revelation to anti-ageing products. Their structure has led to many breakthroughs in how far we can go to helping maintaining youthful looks as we age. Jivesse Collagen Capsules contain Peptan Collagen. Peptan collagen peptides are unique, high-purity bioactive ingredients derived from native collagen from 100% natural sources. Peptan is the most widely utilised collagen peptide for nutricosmetics globally, known for its scientifically proven anti-ageing effects and ability to promote skin beauty.

Collagen capsules look to reduce the development of deep wrinkle formation in the skin and promote smoother skin appearance and a more supple texture with an increased level of hydration and youthful radiance. Therefore, collagen capsules may be the true way to fight against the visible signs of ageing.