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How to do the Metaburn Programme

Looking to slim down? To get beach body ready? Or to help improve one’s health? There are many ways to do this. A healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating right is always the best way. A calorie controlled diet is beneficial but can be hard to maintain. This is because many of us don’t know how many calories are in a single piece of fruit let alone a homemade lasagne – and portion sizes…what are they? It can all be very confusing, time consuming and daunting in the beginning.

One way to help combat this is to incorporate a weight loss shake into your diet that replaces one or two meals a day (assuming breakfast & lunch). This way, the calories are already counted for you and you do not have to worry if you are consuming too much or too little. Each shake should contain enough protein to keep you feeling full right up until the second shake and should contain the recommended RDA of all nutrients that breakfast & lunch would.

Then there are fat burner supplements. These help enhance the results of any exercise you are doing so that fat is burnt even at rest…bonus! By boosting the body’s own metabolism, they can effectively help produce weight loss results sooner than with exercise alone.

Detoxing the body prior to losing weight is not a concept to be overlooked. A detox generally means you remove all toxins from your body, during which time you eat plenty of raw fruit and veg and drink plenty of water alongside 3 healthy meals a day, for three days. This is a great way to introduce your body to healthy foods (if your body is not really used to them) and ensure you have a clean slate ‘so to speak’ for beginning your weight loss journey.


The Metaburn Weight Loss Programme incorporates all 3 of these products within their regime:


  • Metacleanse – An effective detox supplement
  • Metashake – Protein packed weight loss shake and only 195cals per serving
  • Metaburn Fat Burners – Fat burning supplements containing Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones


weight loss


Weight loss regimes can seem a little daunting when not explained fully. So here is our run down of exactly ‘how to’ do the Metaburn programme:


Simply take 2 MetaCleanse capsules 3 times a day with a large glass of water each time for the first 3 days of this programme. Drink extra water as well – at least 1.5 litres a day. During these three days it is important that you have a healthy eating regime that includes plenty of raw vegetables, fruit and that you continue to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For a successful detox avoid dairy and instead opt for soya or rice milks, soya yoghurts and cheeses, replace Breads, pasta and some breakfast cereals with wheat-free alternatives such as rice cakes, rye and corn-based cereals and porridge oats. Replace red meat with low-fat organic chicken, fresh fish, tofu and egg. No junk food. As mentioned above eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruit. Avoid ready meals. Avoid butter, margarine, fried foods, mayonnaise and crisps due to their saturated fats content and instead try using a little olive oil or flaxseed oil. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of room temperature water during each day to help eliminate toxins.

Day 4 onwards, you should reduce MetaCleanse capsules to 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water to help maintain the effects of the initial detox. And on day 4 start taking your MetaBurn capsules, take 2 capsules a day before your meal and continue with your healthy eating regime.

Day 4 is also the point when you begin replacing up to 2 of your daily meals with Metashake. Each shake ensures your body gets the recommended daily allowance of nutrients required as it’s packed with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, 14g Protein and 195cals per serving in a deliciously chocolate flavour.


In Summary:


  • Day 1 to 3 – Take 2 MetaCleanse capsules 3 times a day (total 6 capsules a day)
  • Day 1 to 3 – Start you healthy eating regime that includes plenty of raw vegetables and fruit, continue to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Day 4 onwards – Reduce MetaCleanse capsules to 2 capsules a day and begin taking MetaBurn capsules (2 capsules a day) replace up to 2 meals a day with a MetaShake shake, and continue with your healthy eating regime.


We wish you all the best on your weight loss journey, and if you choose to slim down with the Metaburn Programme, let us here about your experiences below.