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How the Intestines Affect the Immune System

Colon Cleansing and Detoxes In the Press

The small and large intestines provide more function for the body than just peristalsis (pushing food we eat out as waste). They serve to protect the body from germs. Didn’t know that huh? Well, it seems how the intestines affect the immune system is quite complex. The intestines have an intestinal epithelium (a layer of cells) which actually blocks out any harmful micro-organisms we may have ingested inadvertently via food. If this lining is inhibited in anyway, it can contribute to exacerbating conditions such as Irritable Bowel Disease.

The epithelial cells of the small intestine are covered in mucous which not only helps trap bacteria, but also senses bacteria and calls upon reinforcement cells to help prevent bacterial entry. The small intestine is where nutrients are absorbed and the large intestine (colon) primarily absorbs water, hence why it is important that both function optimally.

Colon Detoxification

An ideal way to ensure the intestines are functioning at their highest ability is through colon detoxification. By doing this, the intestines are cleansed of any toxins, debris, bacteria that may be lurking and hindering function. This sort of detoxification can be extremely beneficial to the intestines and the immune system.

colon cleanse products offer the best approach to cleansing the bowels. Although there are many to choose from, there are none more superior to Nutraconcepts Colon Cleanse, which has been clinically proven to provide better results and benefits than colonic irrigation, is made from 100% natural ingredients and is 100% guaranteed to work!

Colon Cleansing

It is the best digestive cleanse as it is the only cleanse in the UK that cleanses the entre intestinal tract, not just the large intestine which will serve to enhance the function of both the small and large. Thereby helping to support immunity as well as promote better digestion

Its key ingredients of Okra and fermented fibre from the palm oil tree help to eliminate Biofilm – a barrier or build up of toxins and bacteria that runs alongside the intestinal walls hindering their function. The fibre penetrates the biofilm allowing the okra to enter and help to saturate the biofilm, making it heavier so that it is able to simply slide out of the body without affecting the mucosal lining of the intestines. This allows the healthy mucosal layer to recover from been dehydrated by the biofilm, and is soon able to function at its best.

So why colon cleanse?

By completely cleansing the bowels (not just the large intestine) via colon irrigation the intestines are free to do what they do best – absorb nutrients and remove waste efficiently. As both the small and large intestines are able to function optimally, the body is better protected with a stronger immune system, not to mention improved overall health, a heightened level of general wellbeing, improved energy levels. This cleanse can also help increase metabolism and promote weight loss whilst encouraging good eating habits. A colon cleanse is a simple, yet effective way to support your own health.