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Groundbreaking study reveals whey protein can help with type-2 diabetes

Whey protein has been the centre of attention in the healthcare and nutrition world as a band new study reveals the important role that it plays in helping to control type-2 diabetes.


In an experiment involving 15 type-2 diabetics, a whey protein drink dissolved in water was given to each individual to drink before a high-glucose meal was consumed. Regular blood samples were taken before and after the meal to monitor the change in their blood glucose levels. Astonishingly, it was found that in patient who were given whey protein to drink before the meal, blood glucose was 28% lower than in patients that were not given any whey protein to drink. Additionally, it was found that insulin release was 105% higher if whey protein was taken. (1)


These results are very important as it represents a novel way to potentially help with managing type-2 diabetes on an affordable basis. Vitamin Planet’s WHEYMAX is an ultra pure whey protein isolate that is most suitable for this newly discovered role. It is an isolate of whey protein which means that it is pure whey protein and does not contain any fats or carbohydrates. Additionally it is hydrolysed which means that it is partially broken down to facilitate rapid absorption. These two factors means that WHEYMAX is a powerful whey protein supplement that can even more effectively potentiate the effects seen in the study.


The superior grade WHEYMAX has become extremely popular following this new discovery. Marketing Manager Ryan Malting has commented, “Since it is the purest product of its kind its effects are even greater and our customers have gained excellent benefits from it.” Wheymax is available to purchase here: