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Fat Burning Foods & Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

metaburn_Product_1304524635542420000_LIn this series of blogs I’m going to look at fat burning foods and drinks that can help you lose weight. This week we take a look at green coffee bean extract, the new weight loss ingredient that’s set to be the fat burning ingredient of the year!

Green coffee beans are the raw, unroasted seeds of the coffee fruit. These seeds are normally roasted to provide the dark, aromatic coffee beans that are ground to make drinks however the raw green coffee beans contain a potent active ingredient that is degraded and lost in the roasting process. The most important active ingredient in the green coffee bean is chlorogenic acid.

The key component of green coffee bean extract, cholorogenic acid, works through a triple action mechanism:

  • It slows down the release of glucose into the bloodstream which helps prevent glucose from being converted to fat for storage.
  • Chlorogenic acid acts on the liver to stimulate enzymes so that fat is used as a source of energy instead of being stored.
  • Chlorogenic acid is also one of the best metabolism boosters as it works alongside caffeine to increase your metabolic rate so that more calories are burnt even at rest. Green Coffee Extract

Does it actually work?

Well, yes it does! Scientific results have been published detailing participants in studies losing 4.4% total body fat and 10% total body weight over a period of 12 weeks of use. Men and women who took Green Coffee Bean Extract experience weight loss with little change in their lifestyle.

Remember, that coffee won’t help you lose weight, it’s the extract in coffee beans that does.



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