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Drink Water, Lose More Weight

Water is our life force. Without it, we cannot live and yet many still do not drink enough water daily. But what if you ‘did’ drink more water daily, you could lose more weight alongside your reduced calorie intake?

Well the jury is finally out on this one – drinking water prior to eating a meal ‘does’ help aid weight loss. It seems the latest study published in PLOS blogs found that drinking 500ml of water before each meal increases weight loss results, most likely because people who drank water ate on average 40 fewer calories at mealtimes. Participants were put on a reduced calorie diet of 1200 cals for women and 1500 for men. Half of these participants were also told to drink 500ml of water 30 minutes before each of their three daily meals. All participants reported weight loss but those who drank water before mealtimes lost an additional 2 kg (4.4lb) in comparison to the diet only group.

You see, most people eat when they are in fact thirsty. If they just drank water and stayed hydrated throughout the day, they would consume far less calories daily. This is the beauty of water. It helps fill up the stomach, so drinking it before a meal means you don’t feel the need to eat so much at mealtimes.

It’s good practice for us all to do this. It’s a simple way to help aid weight loss, or for us to simply eat less on a daily basis, to buy less food weekly, or to even begin to help reduce obesity incidences. It’s also a great habit to teach children so that it’s normal practice as they grow up. In this case, good habits help promote a healthy lifestyle.

It is recommended you drink approximately 2 cups of water, about half an hour prior to most meals, to help promote weight loss. Incorporate this habit into your weight loss regime and it should help in your weight loss efforts.